Invents Introduces "Solar Powered Ventilator Fan", Keep Air In Portable Toilets Environmentally Clean

The Solar Powered Ventilator Fan provides power to an isolated area where electricity is not available.

The Solar Powered Ventilator Fan is a portable exhaust fan assembly powered by solar energy that is specially designed for use with portable toilets as well as in other small enclosed spaces and places, where electrical power is not available. The design intent of the Solar Powered Ventilator Fan is to provide a convenient, energy efficient means of keeping these units ventilated.

This device will keep portable bathrooms fresh and clean and will improve the air flow making for a far more comfortable visit to the enclosed area. It provides users with an automatic cooling and ventilation fan for constricted places where electrical power is not at hand. The air circulation enables users to use the restroom in comfort. It draws power directly from the sunlight and operates on an as needed basis. It is a dependable alternative to standard electricity which is not available at many construction sites, festivals in parks and other high attendance events in an open environment.

"Anyone who has followed another individual who has just left a portable bathroom will quickly recognize the benefits of the Solar Power Ventilator Fan. It works

Donald Martin, Jr., Inventor

The Patent Pending Solar Powered Ventilator Fan was invented by Donald Martin, Jr. of Fontana, CA who said, “There is nothing more distasteful than the toxic smell of a portable toilet on any day, and even more so on a hot day. The Solar Powered Ventilator Fan has the ability to eliminate the nasty odors often associated inside of a portable potty. But it also works in other areas where power is not available. Anyone who uses portable toilets will benefit from the Solar Powered Ventilator Fan.”

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