HelpCrunch Releases Tags and Live Chat Customization

HelpCrunch adds two new features allowing customers to customize live chat on the web as well as organize queries.

A customer communication platform HelpCrunch recently released few new features that would help significantly improve customer interaction workflow as well as allow businesses customize and localize live chat for web apps and website right from inside HelpCrunch account.

New tags provide businesses with a new layer of visual data about business users and their queries and requests. The tags can be applied to any customer interaction to mark conversations that needs special attention for whatever reason. Apart from getting information at a glance, it is possible to categorize chats by a tag or few tags, prioritize conversations, track customer feedback, etc.

HelpCrunch allows to keep all customer conversation in one thread, including messages sent via email from HelpCrunch account, to let agents stay on top of all communication. Recently released functionality also enables to store customer replies send by email in response to the agents’ messages in the same thread as all other messages.

Apart from features release, HelpCrunch also made it easy for their customers to customize and localize HelpCrunch Live Chat for the web right from the admin account. Apart from welcome message on widget, businesses can customize and localize all the messages inside the chat as well as upload company’s logo.

“For the last month we’ve been releasing new features and functionalities in line with the feedback we received from our active customers. We hear our customers’ queries and trying to find sleek solutions and keep it simple,” –says Eugene Dounar, HelpCrunch Tech Lead.


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