HelpCrunch Releases Auto Messaging

HelpCrunch is on the right track to improve customer communication with easy-to-set auto messages.

​​HelpCrunch, a new-era solution for online businesses to interact with customers, adds auto messaging to the product. With this functionality, online businesses will be able to reach their customers via live chat right on the web or inside mobile app as well as by email.

HelpCrunch auto messages can be set right from the admin account. It is possible to personalize the message for each customer. Audience targeting options can be selected from default as well as custom filters. Once the auto message content and targeting is set, the message is saved as a draft and can be set live or paused anytime. The auto message is sent only once to each user that matches or will match chosen criteria.

 “Auto messaging functionality has been in HelpCrunch product roadmap right from the start. After receiving multiple requests from our potential users and customers, we’ve started collecting actual requirements. Our aim was to create auto messaging system that would cover most of the business cases and I believe we’ve managed to achieve it. Our auto messaging system is very flexible in terms of targeting options that can be customized for the business individually with the help of custom filters and businesses can send their messages via in-app announcement or as email that still will be stored in chat” – comments Serge Morozov, HelpCrunch founder and CEO.

HelpCrunch auto messages and emails can be used for feedback collection, product announcements, company news or any content sharing. 


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