HelpCrunch Launches Innovative Live Chat 2.0 for the Web

A modern communication platform HelpCrunch releases flexible customer interaction solution for web businesses

HelpCrunch, the customer interaction platform available until recently only for mobile, is launching a modern, flexible web solution. HelpCrunch Live Chat 2.0 [] promises to eliminate broken sessions and the burden of immediate replies both for the business and for the customer.

“We are happy to introduce HelpCrunch live chat, which is in fact a real-time messenger on the web. It’s flexible, collaborative for a team and continuous throughout web, iOS and Android platforms. We built this solution with one goal in mind – we wanted to provide a modern way for businesses and their customers to communicate on a website. As SaaS business we knew that ordinary live chat solutions are just not good enough in today’s complicated business environment, so we fixed live chat issues that bug businesses (including ours) the most and that is how HelpCrunch Live Chat 2.0 was born,” – says Serge Morozov, HelpCrunch CEO.

HelpCrunch Live Chat 2.0 has a flexible model of interaction and available for customers 24/7. The flexibility of the Live Chat 2.0 comes with the ability to interact on the spot or send a message and receive reply later. Whether the agents are on or offline, HelpCrunch innovative chat allows customers to send a message to the business. All messages between the business and the customer are kept in the same thread and full chat history is accessible at any time to both sides. With HelpCrunch Live Chat 2.0 customer communication gets as personal as on Facebook or WhatsApp messengers.

HelpCrunch shared inbox allows teams to view, manage and respond to all customer messages in effective manner. Besides tackling customers’ questions and concerns, with the help of HelpCrunch customer intelligence platform businesses can analyze, segment and send targeted, personalized messages right in the live chat to encourage customers to take the next step.

“Introducing HelpCrunch for the web, we made a choice to stick with very straightforward pricing, which is based strictly on a number of active users – users that you actually interact with in our web or mobile live chat. Regardless of chosen pricing plan, our customers have all HelpCrunch solutions and tools at their service. We really want to show businesses that there is this one single solution that can actually cover all sides of customer communication on the web and mobile,” – adds Serge.

About HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch is a one-stop solution for mobile and web businesses that enables to get insights into users’ personal and behavioral data, engage in real-time conversation, send targeted behavior-driven messages, collect product feedback and provide streamlined support. The company was found in 2014 and is headquartered in Campbell, CA.    


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About HelpCrunch

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HelpCrunch is a one-stop solution for mobile app owners, marketers, sales and support team that enables to get insights into users' data, interact in real time , send targeted behavior-driven messages, collect customer feedback and provide support.

900 E. Hamilton Avenue (Suite 100 )
Campbell, CA 95008
United States