Hastings & Hastings Supports Department of Motor Vehicles Defensive Driving Class

In an effort to promote safe driving, Hastings & Hastings endorses The Department of Motor Vehicles defensive driving school.

In an effort to promote safe driving, Hastings & Hastings endorses The Department of Motor Vehicles defensive driving school. Defensive driving courses can be taken in person or online for the following purposes:

·         Dismiss a traffic ticket or minor violation

·         Avoid the accumulation of driving record points

·         Insurance discount

“Defensive driving school is typically useful for individuals with a decent driving record or a minor traffic violation,” said David Hastings, founder of Hastings and Hastings.

There are a few stipulations that go along with defensive driving school, all of them can be found here. But below are a few highlights that every driver ought to be aware of: you cannot take defensive driving school to eliminate a traffic ticket that took place longer than twenty-four months ago; defensive driving school will only dismiss one violation; you cannot take defensive driving school for an accident that resulted in a serious injury or death.

Also, if you receive a traffic ticket in Phoenix, Arizona, and you are not an Arizona resident, you must coordinate with a local defensive driving school to complete an out of state defensive driving course. Moreover, make sure that your defensive driving school is approved by the Arizona state court system. In order to seek a licensed, qualified defensive driving school, visit the AZ judicial branch website.

If you are taking a defensive driving course for an insurance discount, then it’s important that you first contact your insurance provider to make sure you qualify for insurance discounts. Even if you do not qualify for an insurance discount, taking a defensive driving course comes highly recommended. In order to be a good driver it is not enough to focus on your own driving, you have to focus on the other drivers, and you will learn some helpful techniques while attending defensive driving school.

For those set on taking a defensive driving course, you can expect to spend four to four and a half hours learning course material. At the end of the course you will receive a completion certificate which you can submit to your insurance company. The Arizona state court system will also be notified when you complete the course.

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