Hastings & Hastings Speaks on Bicycle Safety

Summer has finally come to an end and temperatures are falling to more reasonable levels. For many Phoenicians, this means it is time to head back outdoors. During the summer months, outdoor actives in the Valley of the Sun, for safety’s sake, must be abandoned almost entirely. However, now that fall is settling in, Phoenix’s more active residents are ready for fresh air. For many individuals, this means it is time to dust off the bicycle. Hastings & Hastings, Arizona’s Premier Discount Accident Law Firm, speaks on bicycle safety.

Hastings & Hastings notes that wearing a helmet is the most important aspect of bicycle safety. Every year, thousands of individuals are saved from major injury, and even death, thanks to their helmets. Failing to wear a helmet can cost someone their life.

“Your head holds all of the important stuff. And some of the most fragile stuff. Save your life, protect your brain, wear a properly fitting helmet,” said an accident representative from Hastings & Hastings.

The condition of the bike is another key factor in bicycle safety. Riders should adjust the fit of their bicycle to ensure that they have optimal control. Further, they should double check each bicycle tire to make sure it is properly inflated. Finally, the seat should be kept at a level where riders can comfortably touch the ground by extending their legs.

Hastings & Hastings emphasizes the importance of visibility when riding on or near the street. A collision with a moving vehicle will end worse for the bike rider than it will for the car in question. Bicyclists are encouraged to wear bright clothing, particularly at night. Hastings &Hastings often discourages night riding, but if it is unavoidable, riders should wear reflectors.

Hastings & Hastings notes, sometimes, with great fun comes great responsibility, as is the case when riding a bike.

“Most of us learn to ride a bike when we are very young. This can cause some people to underestimate the dangers of riding a bicycle. If you wear a helmet, and follow proper safety precautions, you should be fine. If you are involved in an accident, reach out to Hastings & Hastings today, and begin learning about your legal options,” said David Hastings.

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