Hastings & Hastings Educates on the Emerging Differences Between Self-Driving Cars and A.I. Assistance

On Friday, September 4, 2015, the Toyota Motor Corporation, the world's largest producer of automobiles, in collaboration with MIT and Stanford University, announced a massive $50 million dollar investment to develop and produce 'intelligent' vehicles. This marks a distinct departure from the efforts of other tech giants Google and Tesla who are pouring millions of dollars into the research and development of cars which are able to drive entirely without human interaction.

. Hastings & Hastings notes that a curious division has developed in this investment in the future.

The difference between self-driving cars, such as those that are being developed by Google, and ‘intelligent’ cars, such as those that Toyota has recently invested in may not be immediately apparent. Hastings & Hastings educates on the differences.

It is the stated goal of Toyota and roboticist, Gill Pratt, who is leading the new research effort, to keep humans engaged in the driving process. Or as Dr. Pratt himself has stated, to keep “humans in the loop.” Dr. Pratt describes intelligent vehicles as cars which work in conjunction, or ‘parallel’ to a human driver. Essentially, an intelligent car would leave the actually driving to a human while acting almost a guardian angel overseeing the driver’s safety. Intelligent cars will be able to intervene if dangerous situations emerge as a way to keep humans out of car accidents.

The self-driving vehicles currently undergoing research and development at companies like Google and Tesla Motors aim to eventually produce cars which do not need any human interaction at all in order to function. It is the dream of these companies that one day, self-driving vehicles could eliminate accidents once and for all. Others worry about the implications of removing humanity entirely from the driving process.

Additionally, Dr. Pratt acknowledges that driving is something many individuals do for fun. He worries about a world in which self-driving vehicles eliminate this pastime entirely. He envisions intelligent cars as a happy medium in-between full automation and a stubborn refusal to adopt new technology. Hastings & Hastings cannot but watch in curiosity as the future develops.

“I can tell you one thing, I would love to see a world in which accidents were a thing of the past, but until that happens, we here at Hastings & Hastings will continue to fight relentless to protect the rights of accident victims,” said David Hastings, the founder of Hastings & Hastings.

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Hastings & Hastings is an Arizona consumer law firm. We are an experienced trial law firm that represents personal injury and wrongful death victims at a Discount Fee.

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