Hamilton & McInnis, L.L.P. Are the Undisputed Leaders Among San Diego Based Law Firms

Hamilton & McInnis, L.L.P. is a San Diego, CA based law firm. The law firm is a partnership between Mr. Ben-Thomas Hamilton and Mr. Donald E. McInnis. Both of them have 52 years of combined experience. Mr. McInnis has also served as a Superior Court Judge Pro Tem.

Hamilton & McInnis, L.L.P. doesn’t leave any stone unturned in pursuit for justice on behalf of their esteemed clients. The highly qualified attorneys collaborate with clients at every stage of their lawsuits so as to achieve their best interests. The process of collaboration begins on initial contact when the attorneys comb through all the facts presented by clients and give honest advice on the merits or demerits of every individual case.

Hamilton & McInnis LLP are experts in all matters regarding criminal defense, estate planning, personal injury or business law where they have assisted thousands of clients within California. Clients whose cases have been handled by this team of lawyers are full of praises for the guidance they receive at each stage of the case towards the implementation of the most favorable decisions for the benefit of their clients.
When asked to give a statement about the company, one of the founder directors of the law firm said, “We have a policy that enables clients to get a legal shoulder to lean on no matter what form of litigation they are pursuing. We have highly experienced attorneys whose main role is the implementation of this policy after an accurate analysis and assessment of each individual case.  With a portfolio of more than 1700 happy clients, there is no doubt that we have raised and maintained the standards of legal practice.”

All lawyers in the staff of Hamilton & McInnis LLP are familiar and experienced in matters dealing with medical malpractice, intentional misconduct, construction site accidents, automobile accidents or any other arm of personal injury cases. In addition to this, cases dealing with wrongful death, planning contracts, general business as well as criminal defense are also ably defended in courts of law. The company has a specialized formula for assessing all facts relating to any case in order to identify the strong and weak points so a client will get the best anticipated results.    

Hamilton and McInnis, LLP is a law firm based in San Diego, California based specializing in personal injury and wrongful death cases. The founders, Donald E, McInnis and Ben-Thomas Hamilton have formed a formidable team that continues to provide the best legal advice to discerning clients.  

Contact Information
Contact Person: Ben-Thomas Hamilton
Contact Number: (619) 299-4877
Website: www.hm-lawyers.com


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At Hamilton & McInnis, L.L.P., we strive to achieve the best result possible for our clients. In order to achieve these results, our attorneys work in partnership with the client, informing them of the implications of each potential decision.

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