Free Home Buying Seminars Offered for Chicago Area Veterans

StartingPoint Realty and BBMC Mortgage Explain the Home Buying Process and VA Loan Programs

Empowering home buyers through education is the founding principal of StartingPoint Realty, which has long offered first-time buyer seminars throughout Chicago. Now, that mission is expanding to provide home buying education for armed forces veterans, reservists, active-duty personnel and surviving spouses.

“Many people who are eligible for VA home-buying benefits don’t understand them,” says Ryan Gable, founder and managing broker of StartingPoint Realty. “To solve this, we partnered with BBMC Mortgage to create home buying seminars for the VA home buying and lending process. These free seminars are offered as a public service, without any sales pitches.”

J.P Marzano, Senior Mortgage Banker at BBMC Mortgage, will co-host the seminars with Tammy Hufford, an experienced Buyer’s Broker at StartingPoint Realty.

Marzano explains what attendees can expect. “We’ll explain VA loan eligibility, benefits, and purchase power. We will also clear up common misconceptions. For example, VA benefits never expire, and you can use them more than once. You can qualify for a VA loan with less-than-perfect credit. VA loan costs are also lower than other types of mortgages.”

Not all lenders offer VA mortgages, which is one reason why misconceptions persist. “VA loans have an underwriting process that is different from FHA mortgages and Conventional loans,” says Marzano. “It’s a bit more work for the lender, but well worth it for the eligible borrower. VA loans do not require a down payment, nor any mortgage insurance. There are terrific advantages to the VA loan program, and we’ll explain them in detail.”

The VA Home Buying Seminars will take place at the following dates and locations:

April 21, 6:30 p.m.: StartingPoint Realty, 3224 N. Damen Ave, Chicago, IL
April 22, 6:30 p.m.: Palatine Park District, Falcon Park, 2195 N. Hicks Road, Palatine, IL
April 23, 6:30 p.m.: Panera Bread, 6557 Grand Avenue, Gurnee, IL

The seminars are offered free of charge to the public. Advance registration is required to ensure adequate seating and materials for all attendees. To register, please visit or call #847-348-1154.


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