EasyAcc DP100 Bluetooth Speaker Mixes Longest Battery Life and Better Portability With a Room-Filling Sound

A growing number of people nowadays tend to bring a Bluetooth speaker with them for a free music enjoyment. But for those who do not have one, this passage may provide some suggestions.

What makes a perfect Bluetooth speaker? I know that there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes, but among those opinions, battery life, portability and sound quality will be the three most accepted standards. EasyAcc DP100 achieves a perfect combination of these features, making it your best choice of Bluetooth speaker.

To begin with, the 20-hours battery life ensures a non-stop music enjoyment along the whole trip. Imagine your families are going out for a picnic, your parents preparing food, your brothers taking out napkins, plates, cups and picnic blanket, you and your sisters dancing to the music. What an easy and happy atmosphere! EasyAcc DP100’s 20-hours battery life brings you the joy of music all day long.

Music is insubstantial. However, a Bluetooth speaker with better portability enables you to hold music in hand, put it in bag, or take it wherever you go. The cola-can-sized DP100 adopts the most delicate cutting technology, providing the best texture and lightest weight than ever. Every speaker will come with an extra porch to protect the speaker from scratches when you put it in bag.

As for sound quality--- the essential part of a speaker, DP100 also does a great job. It innovatively adopts a horizontal speaker orientation; more efficient transmission and less degree of sound loss thus are achieved. Along with the impressive 4W 45mm driver,the speaker achieves powerful room-filling sound, and brings you a rich and crystal-clear sound experience.

Among those Bluetooth speakers priced from $20-$30, EasyAcc DP100 is undoubtedly a top seller on Amazon due to its great performance in battery life, portability and sound quality. No more hesitate, go and get beautiful music around you anytime and anywhere!

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