How Many Types of Power Bank Do You Know?

Power bank also called "mobile battery", "external battery", "spare battery", "digital charging companion", and "charging stick". It also has a very personal name: "mobile phone lover". "Power bank" concept has been developed along with the rapid growth and popularization of digital products, and its definition is: portable power supply which is easy to carry with large capacity. How Many Types of Power Bank Do You Know? Here I Collect some types for you.

ele1.Fashion and Portable Power Bank

The emergence of power bank has no doubt eased the electricity shortage of smart phones and brought consumers great convenience at this stage. How to downsize the products and make the products more portable product on the basis of ensuring the electric capacity, is one of the issues of technological innovation studied by power bank manufacturer. In addition, to be integrated with humane spirits and cultural as well as fashionable atmosphere have been the development goals in this industry. This portable power bank 5000mahwith well-designed appearance is suitable for daily outing.

2. Built-in Rechargeable Line Type

For the power bank users, besides charging for the digital products, the convenience is also needed. Then the built-in rechargeable line type was manufactured. With the charger wire, users cannot be troubled by the problem of looking around for the adapter.

3. Power Bank with LED

Power bank with led lighting and charging function is the most popular in current market. The electric capacity is large and lighting is convenient even in low light. It is suitable for professional external power supply.

Mobile power supply can solve the problem of power supply of many mobile devices so as to thoroughly solve the power shortage and make the work and travel carefree. The security of mobile power supply is another issue which has been paid attention. So, whether the product has a constant current and constant voltage or not, is an important factor in the selection of power bank.

4. Solar Power Bank

A  solar power bank is a battery power storage unit that gets its energy from sunlight. These kinds of banks are especially useful during camping trips when there are no electricity sockets to be found, but keeping charged equipment for emergencies is necessary. When deciding to purchase a solar power bank, make sure that you’ll have plenty of sunlight to charge it, and that when you’re not outside you’ve got a way to charge it from an outlet. While many of the banks on this list can be fully recharged with sunlight, it’s often advertised as more of an emergency option and not the intended primary source of power.

5. Smart Power Bank

Smart Power Bank means Power Bank with Smart Tech. The following picture tells you what’s  the Smart Tech firstly.(Smart, Fast,Easy, Safe)

6.Quick Charge Power Bank

Quick Charge Power Bank means Power Bank with Quick Charge Tech. There are mainly 5 quick charge solutions you can see in the market.  Qualcomm Quick Charge , MTK Pump Express, TI MaxCharge, USB 3.1 PD and OPPO VOOC Flash Charge. But not all the solution are widely used in market now. Qualcomm Quick Charge is the most popular and functional one.  Power Bank equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge means “Less time charging. More time doing.”Charge compatible devices up to 75% faster. That’s up to 8 hours use from just 15 minutes charging!–Quick Charge 2.0. Qualcomm Technologies continues to push the boundaries with Quick Charge 3.0, the fastest, most efficient charging technology to date. Quick Charge 3.0 is engineered to refuel devices up to four times faster than conventional charging. It is designed to charge twice as fast as Quick Charge 1.0 and to be 38 percent more efficient than Quick Charge 2.0. Consumers can spend even less time charging, and can grab and go more quickly.

For many, the most time efficient way to get full charge is to let the bank power up while connected to a wall outlet in the home. Still, solar power banks are an invaluable investment for anyone who spends lots of time away from electricity while still needing plenty of electronic devices.

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