Dr. Jeff Drake Provides An Incomparable Community Outreach Program in an Effort to Raise Awareness for Wellness

To provide a better outreach into the Wichita community, one local chiropractor offers his services to corporations, organizations, and other groups while also speaking at various events. This is all part of an effort to help his community be healthi

From day to day, Jeff Drake may appear just like any other chiropractor – taking x-rays, performing adjustments, and screening spines. Though his breed of chiropractic care is actually quite advanced compared to the average back doctor, Dr. Drake does far more. He, and his staff at Drake Chiropractic, serve a greater subset of Wichita with advanced community outreach programs. This initiative is all part of Dr. Drake’s umbrella goal of bringing Wichita into a state of optimum public health. In so doing, Dr. Drake hopes that every Wichita local will be healthy and know how best to pursue his or her own wellness goals. Whether this includes weight loss endeavors, better posture and flexibility, or a return to mobility – Dr. Drake hopes to be Wichita’s choice for care.

The community outreach programs that Drake Chiropractic puts out include corporate retreats and massage, health fairs, and other seasonal initiatives. Whether serving a local organization, group, or company. The idea is to promote wellness and demonstrate the various ways that chiropractic care and/or general wellness ideologies could benefit that audience. Dr. Drake feels it is his responsibility as a provider of medical care to educate the public on matters of health. Many attendees to Dr. Drake’s outreach programs become his patients as Dr. Drake offers a consultation to new patients without charge.

As an ambassador of health and wellness, Dr. Drake aims to train the public on better posture in the workplace, safer lifting, strong athletic practice, weight control, and more.


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