California-Based Spanish Translator Reports More US Businesses Choosing to Translate Their Content to Spanish

California-based Spanish translation services provider The Spanish Group recently reported a significant increase in the demand for business-related Spanish translations.

​More US-based businesses are recognizing the value of translating their marketing content to Spanish, according to California-based Spanish translation services provider The Spanish Group.

This report comes at the heel of a significant increase in the demand for professional Spanish translation services, particularly among entrepreneurs and corporate organizations, from the renowned Spanish translation group.

The Spanish Group Operation Manager Salvador Ordorica said, “We’ve noticed a spike in the volume of our business-translated requests, and we think that this is reflective of a rapidly changing business climate. Evidently, more business managers and entrepreneurs recognize the importance of tapping into the Hispanic market.”

In general, the translation market is a seen as a robust industry that is expected to continuously outperform other industries set back by volatile economic conditions. An online article cited a report by IbisWorld which noted that the translation services industry is estimated to be worth approximately $37 billion by 2018, and that the US continues to be the largest single market for translation services.

The same article cites the US Bureau of Statistics’ estimate that the translation industry is “expected to grow” by up to 42 percent until 2020.

While globalization continues to be the main stimulus for this growth, Ordorica also believes that a shifting political climate is helping boost the translation industry, particularly for the Hispanic language.

He added, “President Obama’s executive action on immigration is helping shape a clearer future for many Hispanics in the US. This underscores the crucial role of the Hispanic community in the political, cultural and economic landscape of this country.”

According to the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce website, the purchasing power of Hispanics in the US has “increased at a compound annual growth rate of 7.5 percent.” In fact, their purchasing power has spiked up to 45 percent in the last five years, amounting to $1.38 trillion.

The Spanish Group specializes in Spanish translation services for any purpose, whether immigration, business, academic, legal or even personal.

Ordorica concluded, “Translation helps bridge gaps, not just linguistic, but also political and economic. Seeing more entrepreneurs embrace the need for diversity by making an effort to reach out to their Hispanic clients or employees is good news for us, not just from a business perspective, but more so from a cultural perspective.”


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