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Peek Packaging Invests in Cutting Edge Mock Up Capability

Peek to print, crease, Die-cut, and spot UV varnish, all with a single device to create custom one off mock ups.

Peek Packaging, a custom packaging design and supply company, has invested in a cutting edge prototype machine, called the Roland VersaUV. The Roland VersaUV allows Peek to create astonishingly accurate custom packaging prototypes for prospective customers.

The Roland Versa UV allows Peek's graphic design team to print, crease, die-cut and spot UV varnish a custom packaging mock up in one simple printing process on a single machine. Peek's Roland VersaUV can accomplish this task as little as one hour.

"What we've been able to incorporate into our custom packaging business is the ability to create a one-off printed sample prior to production of a customer's packaging," said Ed Heller, Sales Manager at Peek Packaging.

He added, "It is a very cost-effective way for them to see their graphics on a box, to see the layout and even see the finishing. In this way they can make adjustments to their custom packaging design without having to commit to a potentially costly production run."

Thanks to their Roland VersaUV, Peek is able to produce a client's custom packaging prototype in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Once the graphic design of a custom packaging prototype is completed, several hi-res PDF files are uploaded into the Versa software and the Roland VersaUV is ready to go to work.

"Being able to produce a very accurate custom packaging prototype in such a short time is monumental," said Tony Irrera, a Peek Packaging graphic designer. "In the past we had to do all of this by hand."

The completed prototypes are very close matches to production run quality custom packaging.

"They're so close, that sometimes I can't even tell them apart," laughed Ed Heller.

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