Peek Packaging Develops Custom Chipboard Boxes for Item 9 Labs

Peek Packaging is working hand and hand with the team at Item 9 Labs to design and produce custom chipboard boxes for their new line of products.

Item 9 Custom Chipboard Boxes

Item 9 Labs has been expanding the reach of its products through Arizona. The market has come to demand new products from the brand they love. Expanding a product line while keeping the custom packaging fresh, yet cohesive enough for strong brand recognition has been key as Item 9 Labs move into new territory.

Item 9 Labs utilizes custom chipboard boxes for its product lines. Custom chipboard boxes are known for their incredible versatility in box styles, printing, and finishes. The company has not shied away from fully utilizing combinations of print and finishes. The boxes started with cold foil and spot UV to really help the packaging stand out on the shelves visually. They then moved from spot UV to raised UV to give customers a tactile sensation when handling the chipboard boxes.

The success of Item 9 Labs’ cartridges led them to expand the line with the introduction of the Delta 8 cartridge. In order to show this product was unique, they changed the way the finishes and colors were utilized while keeping the same print theme. The window shape was also changed as an added unique touch. Customers can recognize this as an Item 9 Labs product, but instantly are drawn in to see that this product different.

Continued success led the team to the concentrate market. Item 9 Labs was not going to settle for a simple jar with a label. They saw the success of the custom chipboard boxes for its cartridges and implemented it into its custom packaging for concentrates. A new chipboard box was designed with a custom insert to hold the jar in place. Item 9 Labs continued with the same color schemes to indicate if the product is a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid to keep branding seamless for customers. The same utilization of cold foil and raised UV made it easy for customers to see this was an Item 9 Labs product. 

The market continues to expand and evolve quickly. Look for more Item 9 Labs products coming soon as the company continues to grow!

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