ZUMO Expands Into Retail Offering Athletic Swimwear for All


ZUMO, a California based custom athletic swimwear producer, has expanded into a new retail space by offering competitive-grade swimwear to the everyday consumer. Born from a combined love of design and water sports, ZUMO aims to create active swimwear that makes a statement.

Beginning with custom team swimwear, ZUMO originally set out to provide sports teams with high-performance swimwear that features the team’s one-of-a-kind logo or design.  

However, as avid water sports enthusiasts, the creators at ZUMO recognized that stylish, active swimwear shouldn’t be exclusive to sports teams. They sought to also provide swimwear for the morning swim, weekend surf session, even a beach volleyball game. As a result, they proceeded to create a retail collection offering performance swimwear for everyday use featuring fun, creative designs. ZUMO’s retail collection includes something for everyone - athletic style bikinis, men’s jammers, and kid’s swimwear.

Combining Performance & Fashion

ZUMO’s commitment to performance quality isn’t all that makes their retail collection special - they also believe in athletic swimwear as a form of fashion. The design inspiration behind the brand’s team swimwear shines through with its unique retail designs.

The secret to ZUMO’s vibrant, creative designs is the sublimation printing method for distinctive designs that don’t fade. Sublimation printing on swimsuits is a heat-based printing process that allows the transfer of a design from paper to, in this case, a swimsuit. This unique printing style can accommodate unlimited designs made in any combination of colors. ZUMO uses this technique to create a wide variety of designs for their retail collection.

By expanding into retail, ZUMO hopes to make fashionable, athletic swimwear accessible to everyone.

ZUMO’s retail collection is perfect for the upcoming holidays. Shoppers can find swimwear for the whole family as well as gift card options. Visit https://www.zumousa.com/ to see the full retail collection or to find out more about custom team swimwear.

Source: ZUMO USA


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