Swimwear Brand ZUMO Now Selling Custom Face Masks

ZUMO, makers of custom athletic swimwear, offers a new collection of face masks, plus custom options for businesses looking to protect employees and customers


ZUMO is proud to announce a new collection of custom face masks designed for everyday use. The custom swimwear company hopes to help address the widespread need for reliable face coverings, as well as to offer businesses a better solution for protecting their employees and patrons.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all individuals wear a face mask when out in public to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. However, it can be difficult to find form-fitting face coverings that look professional and don’t need to be tossed after just one use. ZUMO offers masks for sale that provide a better solution. The masks are made with breathable fabrics and expertly fitted for comfortable wear. They can also be customized for organizations that are looking to showcase their brand while promoting safe practices.

ZUMO’s long-standing experience with custom-designed swimwear means they have the expertise to create custom face masks with a business’s logo or design. Each mask is made with two layers of breathable polyester and PBT fabric and can be machine washed and dried for convenient sanitization. ZUMO face masks secure to the face with adjustable elastic bands, effectively covering both nose and mouth for maximum protection.

Both custom face masks and those in the ZUMO face mask collection are available in a range of sizes to meet the needs of customers and businesses. Choose from one of ZUMO’s fun and colorful styles, or create a completely original look from scratch with the ZUMO design team. All orders can easily be placed online, and shipping is fast and reliable to ensure that face masks arrive as soon as possible.

About ZUMO

ZUMO is a California-based company and the makers of custom sublimated swimwear, apparel, and accessories for competitive and enthusiast swimmers. Each piece of ZUMO apparel is optimized for comfort and performance and is fully customizable to meet the needs of teams and organizations. ZUMO combines high-quality materials with innovative design techniques to create products that athletes love, and is driven by a mission of better swimwear for all.

For more information on ZUMO and the new face mask collection, please visit www.zumousa.com.


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