ZorroSign Showcases Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and Mobile Biometrics at Money20/20

Silicon Valley startup executes and secures document transactions using Electronic Signature and mobile biometrics

ZorroSign at Money2020 Las Vegas

ZorroSign, Inc., the developer of real Electronic Signature and an advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform announced today that users of its ZorroSign DTM platform can now secure, validate, and authenticate their electronically signed documents using biometrics using their mobile devices.

ZorroSign’s customers have been using biometrics to sign, verify and authenticate documents since 2012. With advancements in biometrics technology on mobile devices and growing security concerns related to password-only methods, mobile biometrics is the natural next step in securing digital document transaction. The process of authenticating users and securing digitally signed documents using biometrics is completely seamless and feels a natural part of the user experience. Currently this capability is available on select Android devices with iOS soon to follow. 

Mobile biometrics is the future of securing electronically signed documents. This is a big piece of the digital transformation story.

Akbar Jaffer, Chief Marketing Officer

“Mobile biometrics was a natural evolution for ZorroSign as we strive to provide the most advanced DTM solution in the market. As more users use their biometrics to operate and work on their mobile devices, this was a key element to ensure convenience and integrate a new line of security for our users,” Says Mr. Shamsh Hadi, Co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign. “We feel this is just the beginning of ways we can integrate mobile devices and with all the technologies implementing Blockchain. This integration provides the best user experience with the additional security and safety of high-valued documents of our customers.”

ZorroSign also uses Document DNA and Document 4n6 (Forensics) based technology to protect both digital and paper versions of electronically signed documents against post-execution fraud and tampering.

“With more critical business being conducted by a tech- savvy, always mobile population, there is an ever-greater need for advanced bank-grade security integrated into mobile devices,” says Akbar Jaffer, Chief Marketing Officer of ZorroSign. “ZorroSign DTM application is the perfect platform to showcase our ability to secure legal and other vital business documents. Mobile biometrics is the future of securing electronically signed documents. This is a big piece of the digital transformation story.”

For more information about ZorroSign Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management Platform, visit http://www.ZorroSign.com.

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Akbar Jaffer
ZorroSign, Inc.
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About ZorroSign, Inc.

ZorroSign is the developer of the ZorroSign 4n6 (Forensics), a Document DNA and Document Forensics-based verification and authentication technology protecting user identity, electronic signatures, and digital documents against post-execution fraud and tamper.

ZorroSign, Inc. is also the pioneer of electronic signature technology and the developer of the ZorroSign DTM, a unified platform, a complete Digital Transaction Management solution. ZorroSign streamlines end-to-end digital transactions with its bank-grade security and using its core technology including eSignature, enterprise-grade automation and workflows, intelligent forms, document management system, and ZorroSign 4n6 Token.


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