ZorroSign Announces Support for Advanced Mobile Biometrics for Electronic Signatures

Mobile Biometrics provides extra layer of document security in addition to ZorroSign blockchain

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ZorroSign Inc., pioneer of real electronic signature and document fraud and tampering detection system built on blockchain, announced today the release of its enhanced support for advanced mobile biometrics to electronically sign documents. Users of Samsung and Apple mobile devices can use their biometrics to log into the ZorroSign application, sign documents and manage other tasks.

This enables ZorroSign users to sign documents anywhere and at any time.  Using a smartphone or tablet, users can eSign and send documents quickly, request signatures, review documents and templates, capture handwritten signatures and scan the ZorroSign 4n6 (Forensics) Token to validate a document.

Our advanced biometrics capability offers added security of digital documents and gives our customers the peace of mind that their business documents are doubly secure against fraud and tampering for the life of the document.

Akbar Jaffer, Chief Marketing Officer, ZorroSign Inc.

“Our customers are increasingly conducting business using their mobile devices and their primary concern is security and privacy of sensitive information and protection against document fraud,” said Akbar Jaffer, chief marketing officer at ZorroSign Inc. “Our advanced biometrics capability offers added security of digital documents and gives our customers the peace of mind that their business documents are doubly secure against fraud and tampering for the life of the document.”

Biometrics on top of ZorroSign’s legally binding electronic signature also speeds up cycle time and increases process efficiency. ZorroSign mobile biometrics is truly a one-tick operation; with one pass of biometrics, users can sign and date multiple documents. All parties have on-line access to legally binding signatures on documents, which can be viewed easily on any device that has a secure connection such as tablets, notebooks, personal computers and smartphones. The mobile biometrics enhancement improves this process and increases security of sensitive information and documents.

“A well-rounded Digital Transaction Management solution ensures that there are no loopholes that unscrupulous people can exploit,” said Shamsh Hadi, co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign Inc. “Now, our customers have the option to implement biometrics (retina, iris, facial recognition like Face ID and fingerprint like Touch ID) on the mobile device to sign their documents. Biometric verification of a signature adds another level of security to the documents that are a part of a digital transaction.”

Applications for biometric signatures are endless. They can be as basic as opening a bank account to as complex as closing multi-million dollar deals and making cross-border payments. Biometrics can also be used in conjunction with a simple multi-factor authentication. Visit ZorroSign.com to learn more about the secure eSignature solution with mobile biometric capabilities.

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About ZorroSign

ZorroSign Inc. is the pioneer of electronic signature technology and the developer of ZorroSign DTM, a unified platform, a complete Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management solution. ZorroSign’s unique Document 4n6 (forensics) technology offers post-execution fraud detection and verification and authentication of electronic signatures and documents using blockchain tokenization.

ZorroSign DTM streamlines end-to-end digital transactions with its bank-grade security and by using its core technology including real eSignature, electronic document security, enterprise-grade workflows, intelligent forms, document management system and intelligent forms that use machine learning and artificial intelligence.

For more information and to try ZorroSign for free, go to http://www.zorrosign.com.


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