Zoe Launches the 2022 Client Acquisition Best Practices Report for Wealth Advisors

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Zoe, a leading New York-based wealth platform, launched an insightful resource for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) looking to improve their client acquisition strategies. The 2022 Client Acquisition Best Practices Report is the culmination of a rigorous cumulative research and analysis process. Zoe reviewed over 50,000 prospective client-advisor calls, thousands of emails, and hundreds of feedback forms submitted by prospective clients and Zoe Network Advisors. 

Zoe, recently recognized as one of Fast Company's most innovative companies globally, accelerates wealth creation through exceptional client experience and innovative technology. To connect clients with the best interest-aligned advisors nationwide, Zoe has a rigorous vetting process to select the advisors who join their Network; only the top 5% of advisors are admitted. Wealth management firms that qualify have access to Zoe's dedicated partnership benefits, such as pre-qualified prospects, one-on-one coaching sessions, practice analytics, exclusive content, sales enablement tools, tailored marketing tools, and more. 

This week, the company launched its 2022 Best Practices for Client Acquisition Report. The report encompasses the entire client acquisition process and includes data, sales process suggestions, and templates for advisors to convert prospects into long-term clients effectively and efficiently. In addition, it creates a seamless roadmap for advisor success by including how to prepare before meeting new prospective clients; the ideal agenda an advisor should lay out in an introductory call; the best ways to set next steps and to follow up, as well as the dos and don'ts for the second meeting. "I can't emphasize enough how awesome this report is. Absolutely pivotal for our business operations and client acquisition processes that we're continually trying to improve," said John A. Herbert, CFP®, CPFA®, Managing Partner at Bowline Financial and Zoe Certified Advisor. While some of the information in the report is exclusive to advisors in the Zoe Network, the company has made a public version of the document, granting access to advisors outside of the Network as well. 

The company hosted an exclusive pre-release session for Zoe Certified Advisors, where they disclosed additional insights from the Report. "We're aware of how important it is to have great advisors on our Platform, and while our due diligence process validates a large part of this, we also feel entailed to help them become better at what they do every day," said Christy Matzen, CFP®, Director of Financial Planning at Zoe, after hosting the live session. 

"Zoe is the premier growth partner for advisors. We take this role seriously, and we continuously find ways to help RIAs in the Zoe Network improve their business and scale their growth," said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CFA®, Zoe's Founder & CEO. "Our Best Practices Report is just one of the strategies we have developed to give advisors all the tools they need to deliver the high-quality service that clients deserve," he added.

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Zoe was founded with one mission: to accelerate wealth creation through exceptional client experience and innovative technology. The company's human experts, alongside powerful technology, remove the friction from the process of finding and hiring a financial advisor. Through Zoe's Platform, you will be matched with Zoe Certified Financial Advisors across the United States, based on your unique financial situation and objectives. Zoe's thoughtfully curated Network of interest-aligned financial advisors includes only the top 5% in the country. 

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