Zoe Financial Announces Partnership With Women-Owned RIA Better Money Decisions

Zoe Financial

Zoe Financial, a digital platform that helps consumers find, hire, and work with highly vetted fiduciary financial advisors, announced a new partnership today. The meticulously curated network admits only the top 5% of advisors in the country, ensuring a high-quality and personalized service for their clients. Zoe is committed to having the right advisor for every client, tailoring each match to the person's unique preferences, even allowing them to specialize their search to finding female advisors if that is what they want. 

The latest partners in the Zoe Network are Better Money Decisions (BMD), a recognized holistic wealth management firm with a strong focus on women empowerment that works in equal parts with clients as their investment manager, financial planner, and personal guide. As a woman-owned fiduciary registered investment advisory (RIA) firm, they specialize in helping clients build wealth through smart investment management and comprehensive retirement planning strategies. BMD Advisors work with any type of client, with a focus on diversification, low fees, risk management, and rebalancing. 

"Zoe Financial's alignment with our values was apparent from the get-go. The opportunity to build great client relationships through Zoe's network has been transformative for our business. Our advisors have 20+ average years of experience and we are certain that with this partnership we'll be able to reach, help, and empower more women to manage their financial lives with confidence and success," said Lea Ann Knight, Managing Partner of Better Money Decisions. 

"As we continue growing our fiduciary advisor network, focusing on women-owned registered investment advisory (RIA) firms is a priority. Partnering with Better Money Decisions was a no-brainer," said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CEO of Zoe Financial. 

Learn more about Zoe Financial at www.zoefin.com.

Learn more about Better Money Decisions at www.bettermoneydecisions.com.

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Zoe Financial was founded with one mission: to empower consumers to make better financial decisions. The company's algorithm removes the friction from choosing a financial advisor, offering a technology-driven marketplace that provides matches based on your unique financial objectives and connects you with Zoe Certified Financial Advisors across the United States. Zoe's thoughtfully curated network of independent, fiduciary, financial advisors and financial planners includes only the top 5% in the country.

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