Zoe Financial Announces Partnership With Digital Wealth Management Innovator Farther Finance

Zoe Financial

Zoe Financial, a New York-based digital marketplace that connects clients with highly vetted fiduciary wealth managers nationally, announced today a new partnership. Zoe's meticulously curated Network admits only the top 5% of advisors in the country, matching their clients with fiduciary advisors who provide best-in-class personalized financial advice. 

Committed to having the right advisor for each unique client, today Zoe Financial is announcing that Farther is a featured wealth management firm within their Network. Farther is recognized for offering seamless collaboration between technology and advisors to provide clients with strategic solutions to manage all aspects of their wealth. As a consumer-centric firm, they act in the clients' best interest at all times and ensure unbiased advice for every one of them - all while providing a fully integrated tech experience. Clients will now be able to match with Farther advisors and their unique value proposition through the Zoe Advisor Network. 

With over a decade of experience in the financial industry, Farther's co-founder and CEO, Taylor Matthews, expressed his excitement about Farther being part of the Zoe Financial Advisor Network. Matthews said, "We're confident partnering closely with Zoe is the best way to help even more clients achieve their money goals through the seamless and personalized financial advice experience that our advisors offer." 

"We want clients to think of Zoe as an ally who helps them find the perfect advisor match for achieving their financial goals. Adding Farther's technology-driven advisors to our network enables us to continue fulfilling this promise for even more clients nationwide," said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CEO of Zoe Financial about Zoe's partnership with Farther Finance. 

Learn more about Zoe Financial at www.zoefin.com.

Learn more about Farther at https://www.farther.com

About Zoe Financial 

Zoe Financial was founded with one mission: to empower consumers to make better financial decisions. The company's algorithm removes the friction from choosing a financial advisor, offering a technology-driven marketplace that provides matches based on your unique financial objectives and connects you with Zoe-Certified Financial Advisors across the United States. Zoe's thoughtfully curated network of independent, fiduciary, financial advisors and financial planners includes only the top 5% in the country. 

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