Zoe Announces Partnership With Award-Winning Firm Beacon Pointe Advisors

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Zoe, a wealth platform that accelerates wealth creation, announced its partnership with Beacon Pointe Advisors. After being qualified by Zoe's rigorous vetting process, the registered investment advisory firm (RIA) is now a Zoe Certified Firm. Through their proprietary due diligence process, Zoe ensures to connect clients only with premier advisors who lead with comprehensive financial planning, provide fee transparency and honest services, and deliver value and peace of mind for their clients. 

Beacon Pointe provides clients with objective and thoughtful investment and financial guidance. The firm's mission is to improve people's lives by finding alignment between each client's goals, wealth, and priorities. Founded 20 years ago, Beacon Pointe is now one of the largest female-led RIAs in the country. Its corporate leadership team has a 50% female representation, and there are 15+ female-led wealth advisory teams across their 35 locations nationwide. Moreover, the firm has received several industry awards, such as Forbes' Fastest Growing Firms, Barron's Top 50 RIA Firms, Financial Advisor Magazine Top 50 RIAs, and Barron's Top Women RIA Firms, among others. 

"It is an honor to partner closely with a firm such as Beacon Pointe. This RIA embodies all the advisor characteristics that clients deserve. Not only are they experienced and experts, but they are also trustworthy, knowledgeable, unbiased and, most importantly, focused on the clients' best interests," said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CFA, Zoe's Founder & CEO. "We are confident that having them as part of the Zoe Advisor Network will provide great value to hundreds of clients nationwide," he added. 

Beacon Pointe offers private wealth management and institutional consulting services. In both cases, their advisors focus on building strategic solutions tailored to their clients' goal achievement, wealth accumulation, and long-term preservation. In addition, they share a holistic view of wealth management, understanding that for their clients to achieve peace of mind, they deserve more than simply knowing their risk tolerance, having an investment portfolio in place, or saving for retirement. Instead, they need clarity and alignment on their life's money decisions. 

For over 10 years, the firm has managed the Women's Advisory Institute (WAI) to provide female clients and their families with peace of mind. This area of the firm offers unique and holistic wealth advice catered to the financial needs of women. They have expertise in several topics such as Divorce Financial Planning, Multi-Generational Wealth Planning, and Spousal Wealth Planning. 

Beacon Pointe manages $24 billion in assets for over 10,000 clients across the country. Their comprehensive services include specialized solutions for multi-generational families, entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals experiencing life transitions. They understand the complexities of life and are committed to guiding each client and making the experience as smooth as possible from a wealth management perspective. With a broad understanding of how personal passions and values drive a person's decisions, Beacon Pointe advisors assist clients in determining what matters most to them and create financial plans that accurately reflect their priorities. Their impact investing approach aims to reflect the particular values of the client. It incorporates SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) factors and is custom to each client. 

"Working with Zoe has been great for us. We share the belief that clients deserve high-quality advice and guidance to reach their goals in a way that feels right for their unique situation. Our advisors enjoy working with a business partner that understands the great impact a wealth advisor can have in someone's life," said Matthew B. Cooper, Partner and President at Beacon Pointe Advisors. 

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