Zoe Announces 3 Years in Partnership With Metanoia Financial

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Zoe, an innovative wealth platform that connects potential clients with the top 5% of wealth advisors nationwide, announced its third year in partnership with Metanoia Financial. In April 2019, after being qualified by a meticulous vetting process, the RIA was accepted into Zoe's exclusive advisor network. 

Registered in 2010, Metanoia Financial seeks to help clients honor their priorities, manage their assets, and structure financial plans to bless their families for generations to come. Bobby Cremins, CFA, CFP®, CKA, founded the RIA to shift the focus from shareholders and executives at large financial institutions to clients and their well-being. Metanoia advisors are clients' long-term financial partners, helping them sort out every aspect of their financial lives without stress or confusion. 

Metanoia helps individuals and families with a desire to make wise and informed financial decisions at the right moment. Their team of experts has over 20 years of experience guiding people through the ups and downs of financial, retirement, and tax planning. The firm currently provides advisory services for over 106 clients for whom they manage $81 million in assets. Part of the firm's promise is to give each client the attention they need to make money decisions that will guide them to a better financial future. Clients can connect with Metanoia advisors through the Zoe platform. 

"Trust is the most solid foundation for a successful advisor-client relationship. Since the beginning of our partnership three years ago, Metanoia Financial advisors have proven to be a great addition to our exclusive network. They take the time to learn what their clients want and then create tailored and strategic plans to achieve those goals," said Andres Garcia-Amaya, CFA®, Zoe's Founder and CEO. "We know that each client who gets connected to a Metanoia advisor will be meeting an interest-aligned, trustworthy, and expert advisor," he added. 

The Philadelphia-based firm is committed to offering an outstanding experience, ultimately geared towards becoming the household CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for each client. Their advisors are experts in all financial matters and are devoted to enabling clients to manage their wealth successfully. Metanoia advisors thrive in helping clients create strategic and unique retirement plans that cover every scenario. Their approach includes estate planning and legacy planning to ensure each client can feel stress-free about what will come next. In this way, their guidance is crucial to helping clients keep track of all the numbers, accounts, organizations, and rules that may affect their future.

"Zoe has been a great partner for us. We enjoy working with others who stand by what we believe in, helping people achieve their life-long dreams through educated and confident money decisions. We look forward to working together to bring financial wisdom into the lives of more individuals, families, and businesses," said Bobby Cremins, CFA, CFP®, CKA, Founder and President at Metanoia Financial. 

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