Ziggy Belic Appointed to Vice President of Sales, Middle East and North Africa Region

As part of a continued expansion of its signature private analytics and intelligence systems product line into emerging markets, Equitus Corporation has appointed Ziggy Belic as its first Vice President of Sales for the Middle East and North Africa Region. Ziggy brings over 25 years of rich and varied defense and national security expertise spanning Middle East security cooperation, senior defense consulting, strategic partnerships, business development, and foreign military sales. He empowered trusted regional clients and partners with solutions for advanced communications security, integrated command and control systems, streamlined data convergence, cross-cultural communications, human resource management, and business support operations.

"We are excited to bring Ziggy Belic on the team. His valued experience in global business development and program management, as well as his background in defense, will integrate nicely with Equitus and our mission", said Robert Guidry, Equitus Founder and Chief Executive Officer, "Ziggy's leadership, driven by passion, will assist Equitus as we continue to expand globally in 2021 and beyond."

Prior to joining Equitus, he was a program manager for Middle East advanced communications interoperability and a program manager for an elite team of senior defense and security consultants providing timely, relevant solutions to Middle East clients. He built his sales foundation in federal industry as a Business Development Principal at Jacobs Technology.

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Equitus Corporation is a privately held firm that designs, builds and delivers best-in-class systems solutions for mission-critical, big data analytics to support both commercial and government customers. Equitus solutions are uniquely designed for clients that require complex analytics without exposure of data to third-party cloud environments.  Our solutions are on-premise and completely secure, providing a unique analysis of social media, cognitive analytics, business intelligence and video analytics. Our company's expertise comes from the combination of high-intensity experience in the field of U.S. military special operations and national security strategy, with our advanced technology capabilities. Equitus' solutions are the result of a team that knows what it wants and builds it. Equitus products and select Equitus services are available through a global network of resellers and partners.

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