Sc2 Corp to Expand Its Headquarters in Clearwater, Florida

Veteran-owned company at the forefront of innovative big data analytics is expanding its presence in Clearwater, Florida

908 Cleveland Street

Sc2 Corp (“Sc2”) is moving its headquarters and Research and Development (“R&D”) to 908 Cleveland Street in downtown Clearwater, the former location of Florida Power & Light. Denise Sanderson, the Director of Clearwater’s Economic Development and Housing Development stated, “The City of Clearwater is thrilled to support the expansion of Sc2 Corp. The cutting-edge technology they have developed is disruptive to both the commercial and government markets. We are proud to retain them in our community and look forward to watching them grow in their new location.”

Sc2 relocated from Reston, Virginia to Clearwater in August of 2015. The strategic decision to continue its growth in Clearwater symbolizes the commitment of this company to the city, an entrepreneur-friendly location. Rob Guidry, Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Sc2, and Colonel in the US Army Reserves said, “Sc2 is delighted to expand our operations in Clearwater, Florida, and we look forward to continuing our rapid growth in this community.” Quinten Stevens, Sc2’s Co-CEO stated, “Sc2 believes the city of Clearwater offers one of the best locations in terms of business incentives, access to technical talent, and HUB Zone certification for excellent access to future federal procurement opportunities.” The company expects to dramatically grow revenues and staff in 2018 and will add approximately 20 developers, analysts, marketing, and sales positions to its core staff with this transition to a larger facility at 908 Cleveland Street in downtown Clearwater.

Sc2 provides ready-to-deploy advanced computer systems for in-depth analysis of social media, intelligence data, and real-time video analytics under the brand name Equitus®. Sc2 delivers these best-in- class systems solutions for mission-critical big data analytics to support both commercial and government customers. Equitus solutions are developed and delivered in partnership with Dell and Hewlett Packard. Our solutions incorporate some of the most advanced capabilities from IBM, Luciad, VMware, and Red Hat. Access to advanced technologies from partner companies and their subsequent unique design configuration by Sc2, combined with Sc2 proprietary technology, has created computer solutions that are unique in the industry. Sc2 has designed each Equitus system architecture to provide intelligence and business analysts with unique tools to carry out complex analysis that can be delivered and operationalized in days, not years. The systems allow customers to capture large volumes of data and then analyze that data in an automated yet intuitive manner, enabling significantly more informed decision making. This creates a huge competitive advantage for Sc2 clients.

Sc2 systems solutions include Equitus® Social Insight, Equitus® Intelligence, Equitus® Video Analytics, and Human Terrain Analysis System or HTAS®. Sc2 also designs technology frameworks, architecture, processes for joint intelligence initiatives, and complete tool-agnostic solutions for fusing and delivering big data. Our company’s expertise comes from the combination of high-intensity experience in the field of U.S military special operations and national security strategy, integrated with our advanced technology capabilities. Sc2 clients include intelligence and defense contractors as well as the Department of Defense. Sc2 is eager to keep expanding and improving their cutting-edge technology in their new Clearwater headquarters.

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