Zib Digital Explains Why Understanding Search Intent Must Be a Priority for SEO

Understanding and satisfying search intent is the main priority of search engines. In order to rank higher, websites need to feature content that aligns with user intent.

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According to the premier SEO Agency Sydney wide, Zib Digital, understanding the concept of search (or user) intent and creating content that aligns with that intent should be a main focus of any SEO strategy. User intent goes beyond keywords - it looks at the reasoning behind the keywords and phrases a user chooses. 

Zib Digital explains there are three common types of search intent: informational, navigational and transactional. Informational intent is when the user is looking for specific information. In the case of navigational intent, the searcher is looking for a specific website, while the intent behind a transactional search is to make a purchase.

Understanding user intent throughout all stages of the buying journey enables marketers to create content that focuses on serving their needs and increases the chances of conversion, says Zib Digital. It's important to learn which search queries are bringing traffic to a site and then making sure those queries and user intent match up to the content being created. 

As the leaders in SEO Sydney wide, Zib Digital explains for informational queries, content should be focused on educating users about certain products or services and how they can help solve the user's problem. For navigational queries, great content really comes into play to ensure various pages of a website are ranking well on search engine results pages (SERPs). When it comes to transactional queries, users are at the buying stage, so employing conversion optimisation tactics is crucial. Zib Digital advises using strong headlines, calls to action (CTAs) and product images to lure in customers. 

Zib Digital says meeting search intent will help to provide clarity to an SEO strategy and will boost success by driving users through the customer journey quicker. Having worked with over 1,000 brands across dozens of industries, Zib Digital understands that every business is unique and that's why their in-house team of SEO experts create customised strategies to meet specific business goals and needs. 

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