Zib Digital Explains the Benefits of an Integrated SEO and PPC Strategy

Often, businesses make the mistake of pitting SEO and PPC against each other when first trying to tackle digital marketing, when in reality an integrated strategy is the best approach to achieve success.

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According to the leading digital marketing agency in Auckland, Zib Digital, combining both SEO and paid advertising efforts will give any business a serious boost. Individually, these strategies can produce highly effective results, but integrating both can help a business achieve both short-term and long-term marketing goals.

Zib Digital explains that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can provide fast results due to its immediate and highly targeted nature. PPC offers strong ability for tailoring ads by platform, purchase behaviour and specific search terms, with real-time analytics available that can aid in providing data on consumer behaviours.

On the other hand, Zib Digital says SEO provides the advantage of driving strong organic traffic to a website and is an effective long-term strategy. It is not uncommon for results to take six months to be achieved.

When both SEO and PPC are implemented as part of a combined strategy, Zib Digital says businesses can achieve an effective balance of long-term and short-term benefits. By using both together, businesses can uncover more customer insights including new target keywords and search trends, which can aid in developing new marketing campaigns or improve existing ones.

Additionally, the experts in digital marketing in Auckland explain that combining SEO and PPC strategies can maximise viewability to consumers by claiming prime real estate on search engine results pages (SERPs). As Google Ads are shown above organic search results, an effective strategy will ensure high visibility. 

Zib Digital says it's important to remember that both SEO and PPC strategies require continuous maintenance to ensure positive marketing results. SEO best practices continually change and it is a fiercely competitive space, so continuous management to optimise a website's SEO performance is crucial. Similarly, PPC campaigns need to be continuously optimised to ensure the best possible performance and ad spend is not wasted.

As the leaders in SEO Auckland, Zib Digital has a proven track record of delivering strong results and has built and marketed websites and digital campaigns for more than 1,000 brands in a wide variety of industries. 

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