Zib Digital Explains How to Create a Strong Social Media Strategy

With more competition, content and networks than ever, knowing where to start when it comes to creating a social media marketing plan can seem daunting. Zib Digital offers tips for fine-tuning a strategy.

Zib Digital

According to the premier digital marketing agency Melbourne-wide, Zib Digital, social media strategy planning starts with goals. Businesses should think about what they want to get out of social media as these objectives will define the overall strategy. Common goals include increasing brand awareness, generating leads and sales, growing the audience, boosting community engagement and driving traffic to a website. 

Zib Digital explains that taking the time to properly research the target audience is critical for any social media strategy to be successful. As different platforms attract different audiences, businesses should focus on networks where their core audience is already active. 

Rather than focusing on vanity metrics, Zib Digital advises businesses to explore data that directly aligns with their goals. An effective social media strategy is anchored by numbers and establishing the most important metrics and KPIs will help to put those numbers into a context that aligns with the campaign objectives.

Content is king and there should be a focus on developing innovative content in order to engage the audience, says Zib Digital. Before creating content, it's a good idea to conduct a competitive analysis to determine what's working for them and what conclusions can be drawn to adapt campaigns to get the intended results.

Timing is everything when it comes to posting on social media, explains Zib Digital. It's important to review the best times to post for audience engagement, but it is also critical to ensure the social media or community managers are also available and ready to respond to any audience feedback. Capitalising on conversations and engagement opportunities is a great way to gain respect as a brand.

The leading digital marketing and SEO agency Melbourne-wide says it's important to continuously analyse efforts and adapt a strategy over time, for the best results. A lot of social media is trial and error, so monitoring the results in real time allows for tweaks to be made and key takeaways from a campaign can inform any changes in strategy. 

Zib Digital creates campaigns that grow and scale over time, to deliver real results. To discuss a tailored strategy with the leaders in social media and SEO Melbourne-wide, contact Zib Digital today.


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