ZenMaid's 2022 Maid Summit Snags Angela Brown as Guest Speaker

Angela Brown, host of the Ask a House Cleaner show, addresses thousands of House Cleaners and Maids in July.

Angela Brown the House Cleaning Guru

The ZenMaid 2022 Maid Summit is back for its fourth annual online convention that caters to residential cleaners, and this year the waitlist is exploding with house cleaners lining up to hear Angela Brown, CEO of Savvy Cleaner, dish the dirt on what nobody tells you about running a million-dollar maid service.

Angela Brown, host of the Ask a House Cleaner show and podcast, is known for practical solutions and she doesn't sugar coat the facts or hypes the realities of owning a cleaning business. Brown herself owned and operated one of the largest independently owned cleaning businesses in the Carolinas for 25 years, learning what worked through trial and error. At the ZenMaid summit from July 19 through the 25th, she plans to share the pitfalls and solutions so that house cleaners and maids can condense decades of learning into days.

"I was delighted when Amar Ghose, CEO of ZenMaid, asked me to speak at the conference," adds Angela Brown. "He is a friend and a leader in the cleaning industry and the invite is an honor."

Amar Ghose, owner of the popular maid service software ZenMaid, noticed back in 2019 that there weren't any online events that specifically catered to maid service owners.

"I wanted to help cleaners grow and scale their businesses," Ghose claims. "So, I reached out to the biggest and most successful cleaning industry leaders to share their knowledge, advice, and strategies with the cleaning community - all free of charge."

"It had to be free," Amar Ghose laughs, "because when I started my cleaning company Fast Friendly Spotless in 2012, I didn't have any money to attend the seminars and workshops I needed to grow a cleaning business. There were events happening all over the United States for maid service owners and everyone was attending but me. Free is all I could afford when I got started and I want to pay that forward to all the new cleaning companies that are where I once was."

ZenMaid's Maid Summit has become the go-to annual event for thousands of maid service owners in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia. With nearly 50 speakers covering topics on marketing, sales, automation, systems, hiring, and training, there is something for every level of cleaning business owner.

It's free to attend the full five days of the Maid Summit. Go to https://maidsummit.com to get your free ticket now.

Sally Naidu
Director of Media Relations
Savvy Cleaner

Source: Savvy Cleaner