Zegami Hits a Home Run in the MLB

Zegami Platform Powers the Pirates Draft Decisions


​Zegami, a visual data exploration platform company, today announces that the Pittsburgh Pirates has implemented Zegami to enhance their data analysis and decision making process during draft time.

Within Major League Baseball the annual amateur draft is a key focus, as over 1,200 college athletes are chosen by the 30 MLB teams over three days, with all teams looking to uncover a special athlete who will be the game changer on the baseball diamond.

Zegami provides an incredibly powerful interface which allows us to quickly search, compare, group and interrogate player stats at draft time in a way that was just not possible with Excel or other BI solutions.

Joshua Smith, Data Architect

The Pittsburgh Pirates have invested heavily in player analytics, analysing data on thousands of players from the college system and around the world to find the best talent available at any point in the draft. Results of this analysis still have to be combined with intangible factors which also need to be considered by the front office team when making a final decision.

A crucial area involves communicating the results of the analysis made by the informatics team to decision-makers in the front office. By using Zegami, they can present the results in a way that makes it easy for the front office team gets to the key pieces of information quickly.

 “Zegami provides an incredibly powerful interface which allows us to search quickly, compare, group, and interrogate player stats at draft time in a way that was just not possible with Excel or other BI solutions,” said Joshua Smith, Data Architect at the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Sam Conway, CEO of Zegami added, “The players within any sporting team are their most valuable commodity. So its crucial at draft time teams are making the right snap decisions with the right data on hand. Zegami changes the way organisations analyse players by putting the player back in the data and truly giving a 360-degree view of a player's comparative ability and stats in a way that makes it understandable to everyone in the room.”

Zegami is a Visual Data Exploration platform that enables one to recognize patterns quickly, analyze information, and find hidden insights by allowing users to search, sort, filter, group and analyse large collections of images and data simply and intuitively.

For more information on the Pittsburg Pirates visit https://www.mlb.com/pirates.

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Zegami makes information more visual and accessible, enabling intuitive exploration, search and discovery. Zegami’s data exploration platform combines the power of machine learning and human intuition to reveal hidden insights and new perspectives. Visit  www.zegami.com/sports-stats for more information, and follow us on Twitter @getzegami.

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Zegami provides a brand new way to analyse your data. By attaching images to data, Zegami is able to leverage human pattern recognition to its fullest extend, leading to faster insights and new discoveries.

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