Zegami for Schools Puts a Face to the Data

Zegami Launches its Student Management Solution for Schools

​Zegami announces the launch of Zegami for Schools, a unique visual data exploration platform that allows teachers and heads of departments to quickly identify patterns and outcomes of their programs aimed at improving student performance.

Schools are data-rich organisations, holding vast amounts of student information.  UK school teachers are expected to record, interrogate and analyse data about their students, identifying meaningful trends and evidence to support classroom practice and progress of students at an individual level. Ofsted and Department for Education (DfE) hold schools to account on student progress through a rigorous inspection framework that is heavily reliant on ‘outcomes’ and schools need their data to represent endeavours made to improve student performance.

There are many GDPR compliant tools that help analyse student attainment and progress data. Whilst these tools are functional, they often overwhelm the user with data and makes it difficult to digest. As a result, many teachers feel are intimidated and feel they lack the skills and experience to analyse data effectively. While access to detail is essential, there is often a ‘disconnect’ between the data and the student and there is a growing concern that individual students are buried beneath this data deluge, reducing individuals to nothing more than faceless statistics.

Zegami for Schools works in conjunction with current solutions. It harnesses the power of student management systems by putting the student back in the data. Teachers can easily analyse pupils based on any variables they choose, enabling them to quickly identify groups for intervention, support, reward or monitoring.

Benefits of Zegami for Schools include:

·      Visual - Presentation and analysis of complex data

·      Accessibility - Teachers at all technical levels find the system easy to use and less daunting than other data systems, meaning that more time can be spent discussing issues and less time trying to find them.

·      Efficiency - Rapid identification of target groups, supporting effective intervention and differentiation

·      Flexibility - Most schools have developed their own ways of using data, depending on their context. What makes Zegami for Schools unique is its ability to create collections for a wide range of purposes, from class to whole school level. 

“With the education system putting a greater emphasis on measurement via student information systems, teachers are now struggling with the workload generated by an over-reliance on data. The manner of consuming data via current systems doesn’t alleviate this pressure. Zegami for Schools puts the student front and centre of their data empowering teachers to understand and ask questions of the data around a student in an efficient manner”, says Samuel Conway, CEO of Zegami.

See how Zegami visualises the data of the UK Ofsted Schools Register. For secondary school collections, click here.

About Zegami
Zegami makes information more visual and accessible, enabling intuitive exploration, search, and discovery. Zegami’s data exploration platform combines the power of machine learning and human intuition to reveal hidden insights and new perspectives.  Visit www.zegami.com/schools for more information, and follow us on Twitter @getzegami.

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Source: Zegami Ltd

About Zegami

Zegami provides a brand new way to analyse your data. By attaching images to data, Zegami is able to leverage human pattern recognition to its fullest extend, leading to faster insights and new discoveries.

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