Zealous United, Inc. Team Qualifies for Dallas Conference

Zealous United, Inc. top producers recently returned from a leadership conference in Texas. The firm's President discussed some of the benefits that people receive from attending business conventions.

“Recognition is a big part of the Zealous United, Inc. experience,” stated Joshua, the company President. “I’m very proud of the work we do here and the results that my team gets for the brands we represent, and I take every chance I get to show my appreciation. This can include a simple thank you, some office-wide kudos, and even a promotion, but the most exciting recognition tool I have at my disposal is travel.”

Trips are made available to qualifying Zealous United, Inc. team members throughout a calendar year, and can include everything from cross-training at a high-performing office to an exotic weekend retreat. Most recently, Joshua and hand-selected team members took a weekend trip to Dallas, Texas for a leadership convention with some of the top names in direct marketing.

“This was a great chance to learn from the most successful people in our industry,” Joshua explained. “Only the most ambitious executives were invited to attend. There were many educational seminars throughout the weekend, and an awards ceremony where noteworthy achievements were recognized. Most importantly of all though, we were networking one-on-one with sales and marketing pros from across North America, sharing best practices and laying the foundation for partnerships that will benefit our careers far into the future.”

"Recognition is a big part of the Zealous United, Inc. experience,"



Zealous United, Inc.’s President on Why Business Trips Are Worth the Effort

While some business leaders might consider weekend conferences unnecessary expenses, Joshua considers travel an investment in the development of a high-functioning team. For one thing, the chance to experience new places with Zealous United, Inc. colleagues helps create collaborative relationships and even lifelong friendships, which in turn create an inspiring and engaging office environment.

“We get to know one another as more than coworkers when we travel together,” Joshua shared. “Our professional roles become less important than our personality traits, and we can connect with one another on a deeper level than our normal busy routines allow. Then, throw in the chance to learn from industry leaders and gain access to the latest tips and techniques of our trade, and business trips more than pay for themselves. It’s a perk that every Zealous United, Inc. executive should work as hard as possible to receive.”

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Zealous United is a sales and marketing firm with a reputation for enthusiasm. The team produces on-site events focused on people, products, and returns. Their approach consistently pushes brands into new markets. Talents in consumer research, campaign design, and relationship-building allow the firm to build buyer enthusiasm and loyalty with speed. The result is heightened ROIs. Zealous United is known for flexibility and success, and has a diverse portfolio to show for it. From fledgling startups to Fortune 500 companies, the firm delivers service excellence every time. Learn more by visiting zealousunited.com

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