Zealous United Inc. is Expanding Once Again

The President of Zealous United Inc. detailed the firm's current expansion effort and the team member leading the charge. He also discussed the opportunities that will emerge from opening a new market.

​Expanding into a new territory is always an exciting prospect for an organization. That's why spirits are high around the Zealous United Inc. office. Josh, the firm's President, explained, "We're happy to announce that Brittany, one of our assistant managers, will be opening her own office in Tennessee in March. She's the perfect choice because she's always willing to push beyond her comfort zone to learn new things. Brittany has set a great example for our team members, which I'm sure she'll continue to do as she leads her own office."

This venture means lots of opportunities for advancement throughout our team, so everyone is ready take advantage. The team members who move to Tennessee to help open the new office will have the chance to advance more quickly and propel the growth of the new location. Those who stay in Omaha will be able to pick up more responsibilities and advance their own development. "There will be so many learning opportunities in the weeks and months to come," Josh added. "More management roles will become available here in Omaha, so I'm ready to see our promotional specialists step up to the plate and assert themselves as capable leaders."

Josh wants to promote six team members into executive management this year. He's also committed to having two more people open offices in new territories to expand the reach of Zealous United Inc. even further. "This is the time to capitalize on the positive momentum we've been building," the President noted. "It's a great time to be part of the Zealous United Inc. family."

Expanding into a new territory is always an exciting prospect for an organization. That's why spirits are high around the Zealous United Inc. office



Zealous United Inc.'s President Discusses Hiring Push 

The Tennessee expansion also opens up opportunities for new hires to join Team Zealous United Inc. Josh remarked, "We'll be looking for business-minded individuals with a strong commitment to ongoing education. Anyone who is ready to grow along with an innovative leader in the live marketing industry should feel free to apply."

There's another reason company leaders are preparing for further expansion and hiring - a rapidly growing portfolio. "We continue adding exciting brands," Josh stated. "The more companies we bring into the fold, the more chances we have to expand into new markets and open new offices. It's safe to say the future is bright for Zealous United Inc. and our promotional specialists."

About Zealous United Inc.

About Zealous United Inc Zealous United is a sales and marketing firm with a reputation for enthusiasm. The team produces on-site events focused on people, products, and returns. Their approach consistently pushes brands into new markets. Talents in consumer research, campaign design, and relationship-building allow the firm to build buyer enthusiasm and loyalty with speed. The result is heightened ROIs. Zealous United is known for flexibility and success, and has a diverse portfolio to show for it. From fledgling startups to Fortune 500 companies, the firm delivers service excellence every time. Learn more by visiting zealousunited.com

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