"Zays Disposable Ultra Panties": Discreet and Comfortable Undies for Females During Period

​Attention females! Finally, there is a product that is comfortable, reliable and offers discreet protection during the menstrual cycle. Zays Disposable Ultra Panties are a specially designed pair of disposable underwear boasting an integrated sanitary napkin material incorporated in the design. They offer a user-friendly alternative to using traditional napkins and tampons during this time.

The Zays Disposable Ultra Panties are similar in appearance to standard underwear and come in a variety of styles, cut and sizes a well as a myriad of colors and designs. The hypoallergenic material comprising the undergarment includes a cushiony biodegradable sanitary paper material infused with cotton and nylon. In addition to being disposable the sanitary liner incorporated into each pair of underwear prevents leaks from the front, back or sides. The liner consists of two layers of absorbent cotton-like material backed with a flexible plastic backing. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Zays Disposable Ultra Panties.

The Patent Pending Zays Disposable Ultra Panties were invented by Danell Sanders of Philadelphia, PA who said, “This two-in-one disposable product enables the wearer to enjoy the look and feel of standard underwear without the bulk of a heavy sanitary napkin or the pressure inherent in a tampon. Zays Disposable Ultra Panties are formfitting and attractive and are undetectable during wear. The neutralization strip neutralizes odors on contact leaving a user dry and fresh for hours. They provide both reliability and comfort for the user.”

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