ZAPTEST Announces Complimentary ZAPFARM Device Host Management System

ZAPTEST announces complimentary ZAPFARM mobile and conventional private cloud device host management system to its users. 
ZAPFARM web GUI enables the testers and developers with a single point of access to all of the devices under test and provides remote control capabilities such as: 

  •        Mobile Screen sharing
  •        Install and remove apps (remotely)
  •        Touch, keyboard and gesture remote control
  •        Multi-device app deployment
  •        User groups and permission groups
  •        Private, secure and onsite deployment
  •        Multi-site device distribution 

"By offering such a global and rich functionality system absolutely at no-cost, we'd like to allow ZAPTEST users to access their testing hardware anywhere worldwide and to improve their efforts for manual and automated testing." says Alex Chernyak, ZAPTEST President / CTO.
ZAPFARM allows control and management of multiple mobile devices (iOS; Android; Blackberry; Windows Mobile) and conventional workstations (Windows; Linux; Mac) from different locations in a single centralized Web GUI point of access, thus reducing maintenance time and costs.
ZAPTEST based in Alpharetta, GA is a New Generation software test automation solution for testing applications Cross-Platform. ZAPTEST allows testing of any GUI based software on any modern OS, mobile or conventional including iOS; Android; WinMo; Blackberry; Windows; Mac; and Linux, and supports testing of Agile and CI (DevOps) development. ZAP's main technologies are ZAPTEST; ZAP-fiX; ZAP MULTIRUN; ZAPDOC and ZAPFARM.
With over 15 years industry experience implementing test automation ZAPTEST is optimizing enterprise testing processes that result in increased testing ROI by allowing organizations to reduce time and effort of developing and maintaining testing frameworks.  With ZAPTEST Quality Assurance and Application Development teams can Shift-Left their test automation and have 100% QA time.



Categories: Research and Development, Retail Technology, Saas (Software as Service), Banking, Finance, Insurance

Tags: 1Script technology, agile testing, Continuous Integration, converting test cases, Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform, DevOps, GUI, manual testing, mock-up testing


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ZAPTEST is a New Generation software test automation solution for testing applications Cross-Platform.