ZAPTEST Announces API Testing Functionality for Testing Software Application Web Services

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ZAPTEST’s API testing functionality provides support for SOAP, REST, WSDL, WADL, XML, JSON and other web service technologies.  It allows creation of functional tests with combined UI and API steps. ZAPTEST API Studio component provides for request parameterization, authentication, header customization, adding XML namespaces, attachments, and defining advanced response validation. The existing ZAPTEST functionality has the ability to enable UI and API distributed or parallel test execution, and integration with major CI and ALM platforms.

ZAPTEST API Testing Demo

ZAPTEST is a Software Test Optimization leader in UI and API test automation allowing users to test any UI and API interface cross-platform. 

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"We are very excited about the new ZAPTEST API testing! Today with the release of the API testing functionality, we will be offering ZAPTEST users the flexibility of testing API Web Services stand alone or integrated with UI testing within the same test procedure. This advances ZAPTEST as a market leader being able to automate any software application, meet any development schedule, and to accommodate any QA and development team skill sets," said Alex Chernyak, ZAPTEST Founder and CTO. 

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ZAPTEST is a test automation solution allowing users to create UI and API testing oriented to Agile and CI/CD software development. With ZAPTEST users can auto-generate test documentation, and parallel execute tests cross-platform. ZAPTEST is offering Script-Less or Scripted workflows, as well as the ability to automate testing via live applications, video scenarios, or mock-ups. 

ZAPTEST enables organizations to easily on-board it’s solutions either through licensing or services model. 

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ZAPTEST Free edition download and the self-education tutorials are available at: ZAPTEST Free Edition Download Page

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Cynthia Broyles 
Phone: 404-814-5227 



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ZAPTEST is a New Generation software test automation solution for testing applications Cross-Platform.