YUCHIP LED Display Provides Beautiful Scenery to 2018 Beijing International Auto Show

At major auto shows around the globe, LED displays have become a way for exhibitors to garner interest from their audiences.

​​In today's market, exhibiting at auto shows has become an effective mass communication tool and effective means to reach an audience. Attracting that audience to the booth is the first step and is often done with intricate LED displays. In 2018, YUCHIP LED was a provider of this beautiful scenery at the Beijing International Auto Show.

LED displays convey high precision. Every successful auto show has an LED display that shows different shapes and designs. These have become the beautiful landscape of many brands' exhibitions. In order to fully integrate into the design of each brand’s booth, the LED display must fully demonstrate its versatile shape and splicing features such as curved LED screen, arc LED display and more. The screen attracts the attention of many viewers and holds the attention of the audience.

Chinese auto brand Geely used YUCHIP Q-series LED Display Panel in their booth at the Beijing International Auto Show. The display, created by YUCHIP, was radiant and provided an engaging visual experience. The company’s Q series is a high-end rental display developed by YUCHIP in recent years. It offers a high-quality, ultra-high-definition display and stable unique cabinet structure for indoor and outdoor use.

The screen structure of the Q series is flexible in design and can be converted from a straight screen to a curved screen, which can achieve any adjustment angle of plus or minus 15 degrees. This allows for different installations to be made according to the needs of use, achieving perfect seamless stitching.

YUCHIP’s Q series was also on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is Germany's oldest exhibition held every two years. It brings visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. At the 67th Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi's outdoor booth design used YUCHIP's creative LED large display. This offered a smooth curved style and aesthetically pleasing background wall with a trapezoidal LED large screen that was perfectly integrated. Audi's display of their latest luxury model was eye-catching and attracted a large audience, including the media, that stopped by to watch.

“The multi-view presentation of the LED display screen, including the all-around sensory experience and the efficient dissemination of information, is unmatched by other visual methods,” says Eric Zheng, CEO YUCHIP. “It’s a unique and excellent way of disseminating information and highlighting new media innovations in the digital image era. It can give viewers a visual impact and help businesses showcase the most beautiful aspects of their products.”

YUCHIP has a 20-person research and development team that has developed a wide range of products for various applications including taxi LED displays, indoor ultra HD LED displays, outdoor small pixel pitch rental LED displays, sphere LED displays, dual maintenance LED displays, LED posters, transparent LED displays and more. For more information, visit YUCHIP-LED.com.


As one of the earliest professional LED solution providers in China, YUCHIP has 15 years of technical and experience. The company has passed the ISO9001 system certification. With products sold worldwide, YUCHIP has offices in Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and Poland.

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Source: YUCHIP

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