YUCHIP Launches New Design: 'Cold' LED Advertising Screen, Saving Up to 56% Energy Cost

Advertising companies love YUCHIP's new energy-saving LED screen. Lower-voltage input comes with common cathode encapsulation LED, making the LED advertising screen 'cold.'

LED Advertising Screen

YUCHIP launches a new design - a "cold" LED advertising screen that saves advertising companies up to 56% energy cost.

Today, LED display application has realized vast growth. The LED advertising screen's applications are defined explicitly as stage LED screen, transparent LED display, LED poster, etc.

Along with the LED screen's cost drop, people demand large LED displays. A large screen delivers a more dynamic visual effect to passers-by. Due to that, the worldwide LED display panel is built bigger and bigger. In 2016, YUCHIP installed a 402sqm LED advertising screen in Lima, Peru, the largest LED display in South America.

Even though the LED display is environment-friendly technology and energy-saving, power consumption is still high, mainly LED advertising displays which are always big, with electricity cost at 4/5 of operating cost.

As China's leading LED display manufacturer, YUCHIP engineers keep researching energy-saving LED screens and know a lower-voltage power input realizes energy savings. So, instead of the standard 5V, DC power input, Red lamp bead power input is DC 2.8V, Green and Blue lamp bead power input is DC3.8V, and the PCB, IC, and power supply all have energy-saving models.

YUCHIP engineers explained: The R, G, B (red, green, blue) of the LED lamp bead is used to supply power separately, and the current and voltage are accurately distributed to the R, G, B lamp bead. Each lamp bead requires a different working voltage and current. The current passes through the lamp beads and then to the negative electrode of the IC. When the forward voltage drop is reduced, the internal resistance of conduction will be reduced.

YUCHIP engineers introduced four advantages of the newly designed LED advertising display.

1. Save energy cost (low power consumption). It saves up to 56% of electricity compared to standard LED advertising displays.

2. Save installation cost (low heat and low-temperature rise). The LED display panel installation site doesn't require installing an air conditioner or ventilation fan to cool down the temperature.

3. Save maintenance cost (trouble-free). Due to its temperature rise, LED display advertising works stably and correctly, trouble-free.

4. Longer lifespan. The new LED doesn't generate heat itself, and all components work in an ideal environment, leading to a longer lifespan.  

Found in 2004, YUCHIP is an award-winning global LED display supplier headquartered in China. As a comprehensive LED display manufacturer, the company focuses on offering top-notch technology and high-performing visual products. The engineers use this energy-saving technology in stage LED screens, transparent LED displays, LED posters, flexible LED displays, and more.

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Source: YUCHIP