Your Way Tree Service to Volunteer in Ventura County

Jesse Montoya and his entire team will provide new trees in Ventura County

When recalling winter events in Southern California, the devastating wildfires will often resurface in conversation. In December, news of the wildfires and mudslides spread across the nation, informing the US of the ruin in which the So-Cal residents had endured. Ventura County was most affected by the wildfires and mudslides, and the area has years of rebuilding to commit to. As a reaction, citizens have responded by giving back through donations, charity, and even trees. For the weekend of March 31, Jesse Montoya, the owner of Your Way Tree Service, and his whole team are going to be hard at work in Ventura County, free of charge.

Armed with fresh trees to plant and a sense of altruism, Your Way Tree Service will lend a much-needed hand to the area to aid in the regrowth of the charred land. Months ago, around 281,893 acres were burned, and about 1,063 structures were devoured by the fire. After the amount of loss, Ventura has seen, receiving the help from Your Way Tree Service is just the thing to be looking forward to.

The company will be providing their expertise for the entire day, joining in on the community cleanup and planting as much as possible. Mr. Montoya has described himself as, “excited to help.” Your Way Tree Service is a company in which advocacy is not foreign. They consistently keep the environment in mind by implementing a 100% green waste recycling mentality. Removing an entire tree does not mean it should go to waste. Frequently the service will turn uprooted trees into reusable mulch or firewood.

Ventura County continues to recover through community events such as the one Mr. Montoya and his team are attending. The people of Ventura are working to patch up the land and return to their lives. With extended help from companies like Your Way Tree Service, regrowth can happen sooner rather than later, and both the land and the people are smiling for it.

For further inquiry about removing unwanted trees or questions in regards the land surrounding them, refer to the contact information provided by their website. Contacting Your Way Tree Service by calling one of their many phone lines available. Please call (818 882-2335, (805) 430-0014, (626) 400-1735, or (310) 974-8799 to speak with a team member. Additionally, the company accepts emails through and

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