Young Naples Entrepreneur Expands Mobile Detailing Business to Include Luxury Garage & Home Solutions With New Business Partner and Private Equity Group

Twenty-year-old entrepreneur Brennen Seaman has expanded his high-end auto detailing company into the luxury garage and home solutions facility maintenance market — partnering with businessman Alan Forbus and infusing a capital investment with private equity group Accanito Capital Group.

Blue Diamond Garage and Home Solutions

​​Typical 19-year-olds are at a pivot point in their lives — waffling on which college major suits them, finding their identity somewhere between the teenage world and the adult world and working through an inevitable existential crisis. Not Brennen Seaman. By 19 years of age, he had become a tremendously successful entrepreneur as the owner-operator of Naples, Florida-based Detailers of Naples, and today, Seaman is announcing an exciting business expansion with Blue Diamond Garage and Home Solutions.

Detailers of Naples began several years ago with Seaman's grassroots effort to serve the Naples community with high-end automobile detailing services. The team at Detailers of Naples provides their clientele with white-glove mobile and in-shop detailing services, restoring and maintaining luxurious vehicles and fleets to showroom-quality luster. In addition, the company has pioneered a subscription service business model for their mobile detailing — delighting customers with concierge-type services for a small monthly fee.

In affluent Naples, Florida, Seaman's growth strategy hinged primarily on the art of relationship-building. He credits his ability to connect with people as a critical success factor. "My father always said, 'Businesses don’t grow. Relationships do.'" Seaman continues, "With high-wealth clientele, the critical first step to earning business is building trust with face-to-face relationships. The next step is to amaze them with great service — to give more than is expected — and that's been our philosophy, which I credit with much of our success."

And that philosophy has yielded incredible results for Seaman. One customer of Detailers of Naples, CEO of Naples Flooring Company Cristian Longo, commented, "I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw Brennen was expanding into other business lines. He is just of those guys who gets it. You know, one of those guys who just has that business instinct." Longo added, "Brennen possesses a special skill set for business: reliability, attention to detail, methodical. Every time he services our vehicle fleet, it's consistent and done right, the same way every time. He's been servicing our vehicles for over three years, and now we're looking to upgrade our garage with his new venture."

While serving detailing customers at their homes, Seaman uncovered a demand for luxury garage and home solutions. He discovered that his clients — who prefer private, exclusive service on their vehicles — also had a need for the same luxurious, white-glove service for their spacious garages, exteriors, driveways and entertaining areas of their homes.

In response to that demand, Seaman has launched Blue Diamond Garage and Home Solutions. "As we've seen the luxury car garage niche continue to grow," says Seaman, "it's required us to expand our staff and fleet." And the timing couldn't be more perfect, as the company caught the attention of local private equity group Accanito Capital Group. Seaman has also added a partner to Blue Diamond, joining forces with local businessman Alan Forbus, who has deep experience in high-growth company operations and specific expertise in luxury facility building and maintenance.

About the partnership, Seaman remarks, "Alan is a tremendous fit for our organization. Not only does he bring 30 years' experience in a similar space, but most importantly, Alan is a people person to his core. His focus on creating win-win relationships with people falls right in line with principles we hold near and dear."

As for Alan Forbus, he offered comments on the opportunity: "With a lifetime of construction expertise, I'm just excited to bring my experience and knowledge to the organization. This, alongside their existing white-glove service, means we can offer a top-notch service to our customers as we continue to take our product to new heights." Forbus adds, “We're eager to build out top-notch garages and highlight key spaces in homes throughout the beautiful Naples community. Our customers take the ultimate garage to a new level while holding nothing back to create a unique space. For many, their garage is a lifestyle amenity with their many automobiles representing significant investments, needing a unique, luxury space to match."

Together, Seaman and Forbus are bringing the subscription service business model to the Naples-area luxury garage and home solutions market — providing luxury garage living spaces and upscale concierge home facilities services to discerning clientele that have invested heavily in their garages and homes. Blue Diamond turns these garage spaces in clients' homes into beautiful, tasteful spaces, curated with meticulous attention to detail. Already, many clients have taken the idea and extended the same theme of their luxury car garage to their private aircraft hangars and private high-end car storage. The future looks bright and shiny for this young entrepreneur, his partners and, ultimately, his clients in the Naples community.

About Detailers of Naples, LLC

Founder Brennen Seaman established Detailers of Naples in 2014 with a vision to change the way auto detailing operated. Years later, his organization serves all of Southwest Florida — from NFL owners, car enthusiasts, to business fleets — with high-end, white-glove mobile and in-shop detailing services, returning luxury vehicles to their original showroom luster. For more information, visit them here or call 317-308-1427. 

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Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions is the fastest-growing and most trusted source in the Southwest Florida region for unique and custom garage solutions, makeovers and home services. Blue Diamond services the homeowner that's obsessed with their high-end automobiles and wants to have the ultimate garage experience in their own home. In addition, the company manages and maintains luxury living areas, driveways and exteriors — giving these spaces the wow-factor and sheen that deluxe spaces deserve. For more information, visit or call 239-249-5872. To interview Brennen Seaman, please contact brennen.seaman (at)

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Accanito Capital Group is a private equity group, a holding company whose goals center around driving revenue for small to mid-sized businesses experiencing fast-tracked growth. As businesses grow, complexity thrives. Aside from providing support through funding, Accanito Capital steps in behind the ownership and their management team to provide mentorship and human capital allowing companies to navigate around the complex issues that are keeping them from the next stage of growth. Accanito Capital’s funding, operational support, and industry expertise equip business owners with the necessary resources to maintain their growth strategy and sets the stage for a premium acquisition. For more information, visit

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About Blue Diamond Home Solutions, LLC

Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions offers unique and custom garage solutions, makeovers and home services for the homeowner that's obsessed with their high-end automobiles and wants to have the ultimate garage experience in their own home.

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