Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions Now Serving North Texas Car Enthusiasts

Naples, Florida-based Blue Diamond Garage Solutions has expanded to North Texas, serving luxury automobile owners with one-of-a-kind custom garage experiences.

Blue Diamond Garage and Home Solutions

There's great news for North Texas luxury car owners and enthusiasts. Naples, Florida home and garage solutions company Blue Diamond has expanded their operation to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. For the homeowner obsessed with their luxury automobile, Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions are experts in outfitting unique, custom garage spaces, perfectly suited for the world-class vehicles they accommodate.

Blue Diamond Owner-Operator Brennen Seaman has been serving the Southwest Florida community for several years — expertise which has led to a partnership with Texas entrepreneur Chase Hall, who will launch and develop the DFW arm of Blue Diamond.

"Texas has experienced unprecedented growth over the last few years," says Seaman. "There's a community of people here that really have a passion for stunning vehicles — whether it's a larger-than-life 4x4 truck, a head-turning sports car or an elegant touring car. We're excited for the opportunity to work with Chase here in North Texas, to give those vehicle owners a garage experience befitting the exquisiteness of their vehicles."

The company's Southwest Florida headquarters is anchored by Executive Director Alan Forbus. "In an industry with fly-by-night operations providing subpar work, we've really put Blue Diamond on the map by offering an elite service, coupled with unparalleled quality," says Forbus. "We're excited to deliver that same quality to automobile owners in Dallas-Fort Worth."

When asked about the key to Blue Diamond's success in such a short period of time, Forbus indicated that the company has really worked to create genuine relationships with their customers — to truly understand them and align with the customer's vision. In fact, Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions has been lauded by customers for both their penchant for clean, chic design and their craftsmanship. That attention to detail and focus on quality has been a thread that will surely carry through to their first franchise in North Texas.

"I grew up in a family of real estate entrepreneurs that consistently put a premium on quality construction and design," says Dallas-Fort Worth Operator Chase Hall. "So, when we had the chance to partner with Blue Diamond, we found that we all shared a vision for elite-level quality and workmanship. It made the decision to work together an easy one.

Chase Hall sums it up, saying, "We're excited to carry the banner for Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions here in DFW — to provide North Texans with striking spaces in their homes, perfect for their exquisite automobiles.

For more information or a consultation on a custom garage space for your home, visit Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions on the web or call 239-249-5872. For service in the north Texas area, call 214-897-3053. info (@) bluediamondgaragesolutions(dot) com

About Brennen Seaman

Brennen joined Blue Diamond as a founding partner after collaborating with sister company Detailers of Naples. He brings a vision to the company to change how people build their man caves and garages.

About Alan Forbus

Alan manages operations for Blue Diamond Southwest Florida. He enjoys helping luxury automobile owners turn the garage into a lifestyle amenity. He brings a combination of stylish design and construction expertise to build incredible spaces. A people person at heart, his mission is to grow Blue Diamond by creating long-lasting, win-win relationships.

About Chase Hall

Chase is owner-operator of Blue Diamond North Texas. As a native Texan with a strong background in real estate and construction, Chase is especially calibrated to the needs of DFW luxury automobile owners. He is passionate about creating meaningful relationships with people, a factor to which he attributes his entrepreneurial success.

Source: Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions

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About Blue Diamond Home Solutions, LLC

Blue Diamond Garage & Home Solutions offers unique and custom garage solutions, makeovers and home services for the homeowner that's obsessed with their high-end automobiles and wants to have the ultimate garage experience in their own home.

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