You Need Character's 'Cricket Pang' is a Korean Sensation That is Anticipated to Lead the Kids Content Market

In 2017, a survey from the parents of children between the ages of 2 and 10 in the United States showed that in a week, children's screen-based play time averaged 18 hours and 6 minutes.

Amazon Prime increased from 92 minutes in 2013 to 1,636 minutes in 2016, and Netflix increased from 572 minutes to 6,917 minutes in 2016. This means that the amount of content production is increasing as the demand for children's content increases.

Kids Content is a new market that can distribute content around the world without a large amount of marketing costs, and it is expected that Kids Content will become a key industry leading the Korean Sensation in the future due to industrial and environmental requirements.

In the middle of this trend, You Need Character's 'Cricket Pang' is receiving high expectations for the future.

You Need Character Co., Ltd., a global animation production company, is a character creation and animation production company founded in 2017 by CEO Song MIn-Soo of ICONIX, who is famous for Pororo. It is actively developing a global character business through various concept character brands and animation and its main work, Cricket Pang, is gaining popularity in India and global markets.

Cricket Pang is an animation produced under the theme of Indian national sports cricket. In India, cricket is a national sport similar to religion and its popularity and reputation are beyond imagination. 

Ajinkar Rahane, a national cricket player with national recognition in India, has increased his popularity by working as a brand ambassador. The YouTube channel CricketPang TV has more than 340,000 subscribers and 60 million video views, meaning that You Need Character's goal of creating Pororo of India is approaching success.

Cricket Pang goes beyond simple cricket-themed cartoons, but contains educational content that can be helpful to children. It is a process of socialization such as cooperation and friendship, stimulating both fun and benefits.

Through Cricket Pang, You Need Characters have successfully entered the Indian market, which have been rare for Korean companies to enter. Showing the possibility, it is increasing the likelihood of business expansion in the overseas market sales channel through the country's sports, education, and culture.

Source: You Need Character