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Nowadays, people spend more than 90 percent of their time indoors. The design of lighting is more and more important for our daily life. This article from Yoolighting proposes LED lighting design for specific spaces in residential areas according to the requirements of lighting in the WELL Healthy Building Standard. The purpose is to reduce the interference of the lighting environment on the body's circadian rhythm system, improve work efficiency, help to achieve good sleep quality and provide corresponding visual acuity as needed.

1. Living Room

Lighting Principle: Meet the different needs of functional requirements, while achieving the purpose of protecting the environment and atmosphere.

Functional requirements are to set the light source for different functional areas in the living room and take into account the overall layering. By choosing different shapes, colors and textures of lighting, one can achieve creating an atmosphere. The most important point of the living room is that the lighting environment can be controlled. Yoolighting SMD5050 LED Strip Lights provides four modes: Flash & Strobe & Fade & Smooth. It is a good choice in the living room for the advantages of adjustable brightness and easy to install.

2. Dining Room 

Lighting Principle: Pay attention to the quality of the light source to make the color of the food more vivid.

Studies have shown that yellow light can increase people's appetites; on the contrary, red and blue light will reduce people's appetites. When the light source with a higher color rendering index (CRI) is illuminated, the color of the food is more vivid and natural. Therefore, the restaurant should use a high CRI warm color light source which can make people feel pleasant and increase appetite to a certain extent. Yoolighting High CRI LED Bulbs use EPISTAR chip which is CRI>80. It can give people a healthy lighting environment.

3. Corridor

Lighting Principle: Set the automatic night light beside the conventional lighting design.

Lighting in corridors usually uses ceiling or down lights to add decorative lighting when the corridor is long. In addition, a night light can be installed in consideration of the passing of the night. Very bright light will block the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin. Therefore, it is best to use low-illumination LED lighting for the night light, which is installed at a height of about 300mm from the floor. Yoolighting's LED Sensor Light Bulbs are automatically bright when the illumination is below 5-10 lux, and the illumination is automatically extinguished above 10-20 lux. Protect inside safety every day.

4. Kitchen

Lighting Principle: Choosing appropriate illumination

The most important point in kitchen lighting design is to ensure adequate lighting for the work surface. High illumination makes the taste sensitive. Therefore, fluorescent lamps or LED white light lamps are usually installed under the wall cabinet to provide reasonable illumination for the operation surface. When using an open kitchen, all design can be unified with warm light. Only the operation surface can use white light. In the Yoolighting LED Light Bulbs Series, there are three color temperature options, each providing a different lighting experience.​

5. Bedroom

Lighting Principle: The main lamp can be saved and replaced by LED spotlights.

Most people like to install a ceiling lamp in the bedroom as the main light. The decoration of the main lamp is different from person to person, and the function can be replaced by a spotlight. Spotlights create a warm atmosphere. The spotlights that first shine toward the wall will be milder and will not dazzle when lying on the bed. Next, the spotlights will make the decorations and furniture in the bedroom look better. The Yoolighting LED Spotlights Series provides a soft light option. It can play a leading role in not just overall lighting, but also local lighting and atmosphere.

6. Children's room

Lighting Principle: Children’s eyes are in the process of growth, so it is better to choose the adjustable lamps for the children’s room.

The child’s eyes are still in the process of growth, so the main lighting of the children’s room should be adjustable high color rendering index lamps with a yellow or warm color. Try not to use a cool white light. In the learning area, choose a local dimmable table lamp to achieve high color temp and high illumination, which is conducive to the activities that require more energy. In addition, children’s rooms are generally rich in color, so it is better to use a light source with a high color rendering index. Yoolighting's high CRI light bulbs apply a CRI>80 EPISTAR chip, restore the real effect and give people a healthy lighting environment.

About YoolightingYoo Lighting is a professional LED lighting manufacturer which engages in research, development and manufacture of LED Light Bulbs, LED Spotlights, LED Strip Lights, Sensor LED Bulbs, etc. With 10 years of overseas market experience, Yoolighting has its own R&D team to design products to meet global requirements.

As a leading lighting manufacturer in China, Yoolighting adheres to being customer-oriented and market-oriented and rewards customers with the highest-quality products and the best service. And our products are warmly welcomed by the LED market. Our products are widely used in the LED lighting market, such as home lighting, office lighting, market lighting and so on.

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