YGGDRASH WALLET Launched on Google Play Store

YGGDRASH Wallet on Google Play

YGGDRASH has launched its wallet on Google Play Store.

YGGDRASH wallet application saves the user’s private keys in their own mobile device which is a significant function on the YGGDRASH wallet as users are able to take ownership and control over their assets. In the case of cryptocurrency current custodial wallets, if a user loses their private key, the user will no longer hold control of the assets and will be able to restore any funds lost in the wallet.

The YGGDRASH WALLET currently supports YEED Coin. YEED ERC-20 Token and additional assets will be onboarded in the future. In addition, POINTO, a unique all-in-one mileage platform using the most advanced blockchain, has integrated the YGGDRASH Wallet with more DApps lined up for integration.

Ayden Kim, the COO of YGGDRASH, mentioned, “We went through countless meetings to achieve bringing the ‘wallet’ and ‘banking system’ in one app” and added that “the Team has developed the wallet under the following standards: 1) Various forms of transactions and financial frameworks must be created; 2) There should be no discomfort in using the MainNet token and the DApp services; 3) It should be able to foster various business models.”

‘Approve’ is another notable function that allows the Spender (Address) to expend a confirmed amount of tokens on the user's behalf. To execute this function, the owner of the From (Address) should allow the user of this function to transfer their tokens by calling the Approve function.

In essence, there have not been many wallets with the keyword ‘Financial Innovation’ which is a philosophical ideology of Bitcoin, but only added convenience to most wallets. However, the YGGDRASH wallet is expected to contribute to financial innovation through various innovative attempts to challenge the banking systems.

For more information, contact info@yggdrash.io.


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