YGGDRASH Mainnet Officially Launches

The next-generation blockchain platform YGGDRASH (Token: YEED) has announced the launch of its MainNet.

The platform YGGDRASH aims to connect all real-world assets and other blockchains. YGGDRASH conducted its ICO in March 2018 and was recognized as a top 10 of blockchain technology solution providers by the APAC CIO Outlook along with blockchain projects like Tron, Aurora Chain, and TomoChain.

One of the main features of YGGDRASH is interchain, a technology that enables two separate blockchains to interact. There is also a combination of STEM Chain and BRANCH Chain. This combination allows every service, regardless of its orientation, to be implemented on YGGDRASH while keeping its governance and consensus algorithm.

The announcement from YGGDRASH demonstrates the project’s progress so far in 2019. It is aiming to integrate more DApps to its platform through a famous blockchain incubator D-STATION, which assists multiple projects in launching DApps on the YGGDRASH network. Additionally, YGGDRASH remains in the top-25 of most-active blockchain projects on GitHub, according to CryptoMiso. The development of the YGGDRASH ecosystem is well underway and will expand even more rapidly on the new MainNet.

YEED, the ERC-20 utility token of YGGDRASH, can be traded on the following exchanges: Bitfinex, Bitsdaq, Bitsonic, and other exchanges. 

For more information, contact info@yggdrash.io.



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