Yep Announces General Availability - Powering Simple, Frictionless, and Secure Video Calls on Any Device or Platform Worldwide

Aiming to make video calls as simple and quick to connect as phone calls, Yep allows for instant communication without the complication of enterprise-grade video conferencing platforms

Yep, a web-based platform for enabling instant, secure video calls on any device, today announced the worldwide availability of its free service - providing frictionless video calls that allow for greater collaboration, human connection, and spontaneity. During beta testing, Yep saw rapid growth, having been used in more than 150 countries by tens of thousands of users in its first six months. 

While the pandemic has forced companies, classrooms, and society to learn to collaborate virtually, many have realized that enterprise-grade conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Teams, or Webex are not well-suited for quick collaborative calls. Video calls between individuals or small groups, which don't require the planning or formality of large-scale meetings, have been forced to be conducted on clunky enterprise platforms, which have sapped creativity, productivity - creating 'Zoom fatigue.' 

Yep's approach is to eliminate all the points of friction that come with those walled gardens - the software downloads, the account creation, the complex operation - to truly make video calls as spontaneous and simple as sending a text message or email.

"While phone calls and text messages are a simple and instant way to communicate, neither captures the body language, tonality, and facial expressions of others like video calls," said Bryan Lord, Yep's Founder & CEO. "While trying to communicate with remote team members at my prior company, I became frustrated that there wasn't a good option for quickly getting on a video call with people on different devices without any pre-planning. We built Yep to address that need. Remote families can now stay connected, doctors can connect easily with their patients, and friends across oceans can stay in touch. We think frictionless video calls are a new category, one with the potential to unleash an era of greater human connection." 

"Our goal with Yep was to pare down to the absolute essentials for video calling. There is no concept of meeting hosts, knock to join, or cat filters to interfere with communication," said Layne Lev, Yep's Co-Founder & CDO. "It's really liberating being able to turn any group text or email thread into a video call without having to worry about who's on what device. I just send a link and go right into the call. In addition to making it simple, it had to be safe. We do not track or store our user's data. Our goal is solely focused on perfecting video chat." 

Those interested in Yep can utilize this innovative tool by visiting and sharing it with friends, family, or colleagues. Yep supports up to 16 participants in a call and has no time limits or hardware restrictions. It is free and available for use worldwide on any device. 

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About Yep

Yep provides a frictionless, platform and device-agnostic way to collaborate via video calls. Unlike video conferencing platforms designed for large enterprises that require greater planning and are inefficient for spontaneous meetings or the walled gardens that provide artificial limitations, Yep works on any device and platform and allows video calls to be made in a matter of seconds. Its goal is to safely and securely connect the world. For more information, visit: 

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