Black Dog Grow Technologies Announces Colorado's First LED Hemp Cultivation Research Facility

New Research Facility Expands Black Dog Grow Technologies' Testing to Identify Optimal Growing Technologies

​​Black Dog Grow Technologies™, a global leader in high-tech LED grow devices and other grow technologies, today announced that it has received a license amendment from the Colorado Department of Agriculture to begin cultivating 2018 Farm Bill compliant hemp flower.

This new facility will greatly enhance Black Dog Grow Technologies’ test grows to perfect growing technologies and techniques used with Cannabis - specifically Cannabis sativa hemp. Hemp is a phenotype of the Cannabis sativa plant species defined by low THC content. Maximizing yields, cannabinoid content (CBD, CBG, CBN), and terpene profiles will be one of the key research goals.

A grow light pioneer, Black Dog Grow Technologies boasts cannabis research & testing programs and is responsible for many of the innovations that made LEDs truly viable for commercial-scale indoor cannabis cultivation. In 2010, Black Dog Grow Technologies created the first LED light incorporating a full spectrum from UV to NIR, the Phyto-Genesis spectrum, producing the most-powerful and high-yielding full-spectrum commercial grow lights.

“Research has always been a part of our company’s DNA,” said Noah Miller, CEO, Black Dog Grow Technologies. “This facility will allow us to expand our research into how lighting impacts the growth of hemp/Cannabis plants, giving us valuable insight which we can then use to refine our products and allow growers to maximize their productivity per square foot.” 

This new research facility will allow Black Dog Grow Technologies to test new innovations in lighting and grow technology and refine growing methodologies for cultivating top-shelf federally compliant hemp flowers.

All industrial hemp grown in Colorado must be grown under an active registration certificate which authorizes an individual to cultivate industrial hemp on a designated land area.

Commercial registrations are issued for the purpose of engaging in commerce, market development and market research by any person or legal entity other than an institution of higher education or those under a pilot program directed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA). R&D applications are granted to institutions of higher education or programs controlled directly by the CDA.

Black Dog Grow Technologies is working in conjunction with Happy Flower Company to provide hemp flower for retail and commercial sales. Happy Flower Company ( is a resource for education and high-quality hemp flower products. They adhere to stringent testing standards to ensure their hemp flower is federally compliant.  

A key partner for the grow room is Hawthorne Gardening Company, America's largest distributor of hydroponic products, which has provided Black Dog Grow Technologies with a Quest Dehumidifier and Botanicare Slide Bench system as well as other ancillary items for the grow. 

“In working with Black Dog Grow Technologies, Hawthorne is committed to providing the highest quality of products. We are proud to showcase the compatibility and functionality of all the products,” said Jerry Shyong, account manager, Hawthorne. “We are happy to be a part of this hemp research project to demonstrate the leading innovations of products between the two companies.” 

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