YapApp Releases YapGroups Feature

YapApp introduces new collaboration feature 'YapGroups'. Free to download. Available now on Google Play Store and App Store


​YapApp today announced a new feature named ‘YapGroups’, which aims at increasing connectivity among the users. YapGroups will allow YapApp users to instantly collaborate, share photos, post comments and stay updated with all the happenings around them.

YapApp, the leading video calling and conferencing app has been consistently updating incredible features to provide users with a high quality collaboration experience. The latest release focuses on ‘YapGroups’ which are effective in a business environment, for personal use with family and friends or as an information resource. YapGroups are location based groups, which means  the technology uses GPS location to allow users search groups based on their respective locations. To ensure privacy and security, all YapGroups are end to end encrypted.

The most interesting part of YapGroups is that it will help billions of users across the world connect around the interest they love.

Pankaj Arora, CEO

YapGroups are categorized into two:

  1. Public Groups

  2. Private Groups

Public Groups can be joined by anyone, they are useful for discussion and sharing content about interesting topics. Public Groups have three further categories: Popular, Trending and Nearby. Users can also create sub-groups or channels under the Public Group.

Private Groups are controlled groups and are not open to all users. The admin can send invites to users for joining the group.  All the users of the Private Group have the admin rights and can add other users to the group. Only group members and those who have been invited are able to view the group page.

The CEO of YapApp Pankaj Arora said, “YapApp is constantly driven to innovate, to make sure its users have access to the most cutting edge features. YapGroups puts people first and is built on a new infrastructure of collaborative technology which uses GPS location to connect, engage and collaborate with users of similar interests locally. We are excited about the possibilities it opens up for users and businesses to connect, collaborate and share information under a secure and encrypted environment. The most interesting part of YapGroups is that it will help billions of users across the world connect around the interest they love. In the coming months we’ll be rolling out many innovative and interesting features to deliver users amazing collaboration experiences.

Margaret Mead rightly said "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." We are extremely inspired by her thoughts and are just getting ready to take over the world with YapGroups.

Users can find details about YapGroups here: http://www.yapgroups.com

About YapApp

YapApp is a subsidiary of Dizzi Globile, which was founded in 2010.  YapApp is an innovative  mobile communication and collaboration app that allows for instant connectivity between users. It’s an ad-free app on a secure network where anyone can make voice and video calls, share messages, and upload photos and videos.The company has been constantly updating new and innovative features to provide its users with high quality collaboration experiences. Connecting the world via the app is what YapApp strives for and the newly launched feature ‘YapGroups’ seeks to cement that philosophy.

Source: Dizzi Globile

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