CUApp: Empowering Users to Stay Connected Without Disclosing Your Identity


Technology continues to develop to accommodate needs. Staying in touch with those around has never been easier through the introduction of messaging apps and social media. To make lives simpler, the CUApp has been introduced to the world of communication. CU, an application built by YapApp India Pvt. Ltd. aims at connecting millions of people worldwide and is a revolution in the communication world. CU is the most innovative photo chatting app to connect with each other.

YapApp India CEO Mr. Pankaj Arora looks at changing the world of communication and become a leader in the marketplace. He adds, “The CUApp launch will demonstrate the commitment to present a robust, scalable, best-of-user interface communication platform aimed at connecting people in the most unique way.”

To talk about a few unique features of the CUApp, anonymity and privacy top the list. CU is a free anonymous messaging and video-calling app designed on an extremely unique and remarkable model – it doesn't require sharing any personal details like name, email or even the phone number with the other user. It allows a user to call/chat and share photos in the most secure and personalized way. The most exclusive feature is its anonymity. It's 100 percent Anonymous. Even the app cannot fetch the identity; forget others! Unlike many anonymous applications, 'CU- Anonymous Chats and Call' doesn't need the user to register to the application. So, using this anonymous chat application does not mean that the application itself has the user's information. No name, email address or other identity-disclosing details are needed for becoming the resident of CU’s awesome world; Just put a DP and enjoy. Let's look at a few unique features of the CUApp in detail:

Anonymity: Interact with known people in the most anonymous way. Chat with friends, colleagues and family; send them anonymous messages and let them guess the identity. Chat just for fun! Put up a profile picture and message any of the contacts without disclosing the identity. Any anonymous image can be put as the display picture.

Privacy: Keep the identity private.

Excellent Video/ Chat Quality: Message and video chat with new friends: get the best HD video calls and HQ audio calls experience.

Best User Interface: Share moments in a new and special way, just select a picture from the phone gallery and share with the contacts on CUApp.

No Spams: Only start conversations with known people. Say goodbye to spam.

The CUApp allows users to express their opinions and ideas openly and freely. Maintaining confidentiality helps to protect participants from any potential inconvenience and discomfort. Many people refrain from 'going public' out of fear of hurting loved ones. How many ideas worth spreading remain hidden because some users simply can't be associated with the very thing the other person needs to hear or know? Leaving all these doubts behind, CUApp allows users to interact openly without worrying about anything. It aims at making lives simple and enables people to stay connected with each other in a better way.

Download CU today and start connecting.

Source: YapApp India Pvt. Ltd.

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